Woman of 113 teaches Us Importance of Social Media Marketing


The way Facebook is influencing us is amazing. We know how it started as a pure social networking company and then grew to become the something which we embraced in our existence. Now Facebook is not only the way to stay in touch with family or friends, it is a marketplace for budding business owners, a place where opinions can matter and even bring down a ruler (Egypt), a medium for making yourself or something you love popular and of course, is providing livelihood for the social media strategist, like Adbot.

We are handling Facebook day in and day out, for us and our customers alike but not always we hear a story as weird as this. Anna Stoehr had to lie because her age wasn’t accepted by Facebook. Yes, born, in 1900, she is 114 years old and to join Facebook, which accepts age up to 99, she lied and said her age is 99.

When she was born, she didn’t have a car or even the telephone and First World War was yet to take place 15 good years later. From then, she has witnessed a lot of changes in the technology. However, when her 85 years old son, talked about her to a wireless store sales rep recently, they decided to get her iPad and iPhone. Since then, she has taken baby steps into the internet and obviously the biggest name on the internet, Facebook, and after that innocent lie, she is having an account with around 50 friends.

This is a unique story as it tells us how much the Facebook is influential nowadays. People are trying to join this service at the age of 113 which certainly shows we are addicted to it. This also means, it will be very unwise to ignore this sales channel as people, irrespective of age, demography, ethnicity, location and sex, are joining Facebook.

Our prediction

It is too early to say but it is after all a prediction. We see in near future, Facebook becoming the biggest marketplace and traffic generator, unless of course any other social networking site, for example, Google Plus, takes it over. In that case, this prediction works for Google Plus or whoever might be the biggest name in social networking.

E-commerce will become entangled with social media marketing, like it used to be in real life. We visit the grocery store our neighbor says is the best. Soon we will see this and we will see fiercer competition for Facebook advertisement than we see for Google AdWords.

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