Why Design is Important in Content Marketing


In marketing everything revolves around how much attention you can grab, more the attention more success you will get. When you advertise something online visuals dominate popularity but good design helps to enhance business. The marketers who are smart and who are experienced in marketing see design as an investment. Other people just learn it the hard way when they suffer because their lack in producing good designs. Today’s generation expect more, great design helps to fulfill people’s expectations. Design helps to create good first impression that you shouldn’t mess up.

Here are some points you need to keep in mind which will change your mind about designs importance.

  • Grab attention

Whatever you market it is bound to have competition which makes it difficult to stay ahead of others. Good design makes you look different than others which help to grab people’s attention. Take Apple, for instance, I phones specifications are not so high if compared to its competitors but the design of the phones are spotless, which has made Apple so successful. Sometimes the most striking solution is very simple.

  • Make a great first impression

Make your first impression count, because you get only one chance. When visiting a website people tend to make decision about the organizations credibility in less than a second and that judgment of credibility is largely based on design. If you have a creative design and the website looks great you are bound to make good impression.

  • Measure your progress

Whether you’re a small start-up or a huge corporation, there is no excuse for bad design this year where everybody’s expectation is very high. It’s one of the many crucial pieces in your content marketing strategy, and you need all the resources and tools available to you to build a content that stands out of the crowd. Don’t fall victim to bad design or bad content.

Design is important to marketers in every sense and is the key to marketing in 2014.

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