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Use of Buffer Sites for Penalty Protection


When you are optimizing the main website of your business for SEO, you are actually finding ways and methods to make it rank good in all leading search engines. One of the most, or the most, important need of SEO is link building. Previously the popular style was to build as many links as you can, including low quality links. Quantity mattered well over quality. But things have changed now. Any bad link and the search engine will punish the site.

As Google pushes forward multiple versions of its infamous Penguin update, it is becoming more important to maintain a clean, fresh and healthy link profile.

This is where the buffer sites can help you immensely. A buffer site is another website owned by you, other than the original website, which send inbound links to your website. This means that when your link profile goes bad, the buffer site gets penalised, not the original one.

Buffer sites are great not only to save your original website from these updates but also help to increase the social signals to your original website. You can have many buffer sites actually, as many as you can afford. Here, affordability doesn’t mean creating them but to maintain them with regularly updated content. When you add contents there regularly, you get more chances to add backlinks to your site. You can gather quality links for this site so it can get a decent ranking as well. All these helps your social media optimization efforts as contents at more places mean contents which are having more views and more shares.

Although the buffer site protects you from the update penalties, it doesn’t mean that this site should be filled with crap. Link spamming angers the search engines like nothing else. As this buffer site works for your social score as well, you should really be careful. Every passing day, Google is becoming smarter about the real and duplicate contents floating on the web. So, better think of the buffer site as a tree which can bear fine fruit if you really use proper fertilisers, water it regularly and spray the insecticide and pesticide. With more people benefiting from it, the fruits will become more popular.

Having a buffer site is a decent way to protect your site from any wrath, especially the Google updates or Google manual penalty. Once you have a buffer site, however, you can go on about your link building exercise more freely.

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