Top Online Marketers Get More Than Three Times the Conversion Rate


A digital marketing optimization study conducted by Adobe suggests that the online marketers who are at the top obtain more than three times the conversion rates compared to others. This is because all the leading companies give importance to optimization; they invest their resources and time to increase their conversion rate.

The main reason behind getting such good conversion rates is that these top marketers and their companies make decisions based on data. Data and analytics is a key part of marketing, it lets you find your mistakes and gives you a chance to rectify them. This is how we grow, we make mistakes, we solve the problem and we progress. The leading companies which are very successful, their investment in optimization has a big role to play in their achievement. These companies have an understanding of importance of investing in optimizing and analyzing. The more budget is put in towards optimization, the higher conversion rate and revenue is generated. There are very less companies which are inclined towards investing more money into optimization. Companies think that the money that they put in analysis might be used better in other things like sales or production etc.

The better and original the content the better off you are. Targeted content helps you to get more traffic to your site which increases the conversion rates. More and more companies are recognizing the utility of quality content and presenting it to the targeted audience.

Lots of marketers forget about mobile optimization. Mobile market is the biggest in today’s world. Today almost everybody has a smartphone, if you can target people on their mobiles the greater exposure you get. Targeting people through mobile optimization is the next biggest thing, it is the future of marketing

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