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Some Key Facts About Mobile Games in the Year 2014


We all have our guilty pleasures and one of them is enjoying mobile games day in and night out. Mobile Games and App Marketing have evolved rapidly, in the past couple of years we have witnessed games with amazing graphics and game-play. A perfect example is Angry Birds, which was the first genuine massive brand to emerge in the iPhone and the Android era of mobile gaming. Moreover, at its peak, Angry Birds were something of a craze in the mobile world.

The developer Rovio launched the game in 2009, surprisingly; later on it turned out to be the most played game ever, the companies developed game was being played by 263 million people every month. Unfortunately, the latest installment of Angry Birds, the racing game Angry Birds Go! Neither lived up to the expectations, nor found its way to the top of the charts.

Candy Crush Saga is the new king of gaming

If angry birds have been deposed as the most played mobile game ever, Candy Crush Saga is probably the right contender for taking its place. By the end of 2013, 93 million people were playing the cute-matching puzzle every day: Don’t get me wrong, it’s a highly addictive game, I play it myself and can’t get rid of it. In addition, its publisher, King, mentioned that the game was played a billion times in December of 2013 alone. Without a doubt Candy crush saga has brought a revolution in the gaming industry, instigating a new breed of games that appeal to peoples liking being highly addictive for beginners.

The reigns of the famous game Angry Birds were taken over by a similar game, another avian title: Flappy Bird, Created by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen in 2013. It was an easy yet brutally tough game that involved tapping the screen to make the bird flap its wings and fly between the pipes. It sounds simple, but the game is so notoriously made that it gets exceedingly challenging after some time to keep the bird in control. Furthermore, In January 2014, the free game went viral, was downloaded millions of times, reportedly earning the developer £30,000 approximately a day from in-game ads.

Mobile gaming will soon be a mainstream affair

Before the iPhone and Android, research suggested that around 5% of mobile-phone owners were buying games from online app stores. In 2014, it’s a very different story: mobile gaming is becoming a mainstream affair. Angry Birds was the pioneer in the gaming industry to gain heavy profits and, drive this change, since it fascinated a wide range of ages and different gaming abilities. Candy Crush Saga has pushed that on to a different level, leaving other developers to ponder on how to go about developing a better game than Candy Crush Saga.

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