Some Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for the Year 2014


Last year was just great for digital marketing. Google made some alterations to their search engine which completely changed the way we do digital marketing search engine optimization in particular. We have seen boundless creativity in advertising and marketing in 2013 which has opened new horizons for online marketers. The hummingbird in particular brought some major changes like privatization of keyword data for organic searches and the added significance of authorship, all indicate that Google is going to completely turn around how we will be doing SEO in the year 2014. Everybody knows that quality content is the king and is the only way to stay unaffected from Google’s Panda and Hummingbird updates.

Let’s have a look at some Digital Marketing trends in 2014.

Content marketing will remain a vital part of every digital marketing strategy as it has been always. As you have seen Google is putting major emphasis on good quality content. Businesses that have blogs on their websites get 67% more leads compared to others. Realizing the importance of good quality content 58% of B2B companies have planned to increase their content marketing budget in 2014.
New social networks are rising like Snapchat and Pinterest are rising fast and some are even giving competition to Facebook. Pinterest content sharing grew 19% which is substantially more than that of Facebook. You will be amazed to hear that 400 million Snapchat photos and videos are received every day. It is just a matter of time that these new social media networks with creative ideas to keep a good user base leaves other major social networking sites behind.

Here are some predictions for online marketing in 2014.

With the emphasis on quality content, content marketing will be prominent this year. Mobile phones, tabs and other handheld devices will play a major role in digital marketing as their popularity is increasing day by day. Mobile marketing will be considered a major part of digital marketing this year a study claims that 91% of Americans have a cellphone. Brands will seek out clearer, more cost-effective strategy that enables them to see the whole picture of their content marketing efforts.

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