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Let’s start off by knowing what is marketing? “Marketing is the action or business of promoting products and services” The definition sounds easy but it’s very difficult to implement. The question on every marketer’s mind is how I sell my products; how should I make them more attractive so that people buy my product. This […]

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Facebook is the largest growing social networking site and every brand on Facebook is there for a reason – to get more business. Of course, getting more business means different to different businesses as every business’s objective is different. Well, for startups, the more likes you’re able to gain on your Facebook page the greater […]

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Instagram is undeniably the leading social media website which has over 300 million monthly users (that’s more than many other social platforms). The site is unique as it centers on the use of photographs and photograph’s captions only. Several brands are finding ways to communicate with the Instagram users and earn personally invested customers who […]

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Social media as we all know is rich with user-generated content from different brands, businesses and creative. This results in a deluge of information about the world. Several people across the world keep buzzing their views about different matters and trends. This information is useful for the marketers looking for latest trends and consumer’s feedback. […]

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All digital marketing strategies involve integral component i.e. social media marketing Do you know more than 70% of adults are using social media sites? Apparently, your online presence cannot be avoided through these channels, when so many people are using so many social media platforms. Businesses who want to create their online presence through social […]

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You will wonder by knowing that even in now many businesses are not focusing on social media services in India. They are still following traditional methods of marketing without even realizing what they are missing. They have no idea how influential and easily accessible has social media become for consumers and entrepreneurs. In Today’s time […]

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Marketers create awesome contents, often they do. They should, as well, because content is what brings visitors to a site. Statistics prove it. Same is the principle for paid search or PPC and social media marketing. In marketing, thousands of small and dynamic factors make up our whole strategy. But, the trickiest part of marketing […]

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Tweeting is all about gaining attention, posting images and views that attracts people. Unfortunately, only chosen few twitter users have influence over twitter 0.11% to be exact. So to be precise only a few relish the privilege to be at the top. So to be in the top number of people who influence the crowd what does […]