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Remove Google’s Manual Penalty – A Useful SEO Guide


Google’s email containing messages about detection of unnatural links are quite scary. The email, which doesn’t specify the links singularly may drive many webmasters nuts about the future course of action.

It is true that you shall face problem momentarily about the ranking of the site but yes, like every other problem in the world there is a solution of this as well. Follow this article as we shall be sharing a few tips and tricks, very actionable, to get out of Google’s bad book. If there is a manual penalty invoked upon you, there are ways to remove that as well and we shall discuss the same in here as well. Based on our true experience of removing manual penalties, these are how we handled the case for three websites.

Link Analysis

The first step is analysis of the penalty for sure. You need to know which links are being harmful and causing you problems. There are lots of tools, both free like Google Webmaster Tool and premium such as Majestic SEO or open site explorer to get you this information. You can easily use multiple tools such as combining Google Webmaster and Majestic SEO. Google tool is sometimes a bit slow thus using a paid tool is highly encouraged here.

There are different ways to know whether your penalty is a manual one or algorithmic one. You can check your Google webmaster messages, if there is a mail saying unnatural links detected, you have been manually penalised. In other cases, you can file a reconsideration request and they will tell you what type of penalty you are under.

You should know and understand the basis of your links. Even after you have analysed it all, you can rest assured that you will need further link analysis using premium tools such as Link Detox or Link Risk. They will analyse your link profile and then tell you how many healthy, suspicious and dangerous links you have. You can get all the details you need about those links including the site admin’s email ids. This will help you to manage your link removal campaign even easier.

Check Your Past

If you hired an SEO company previously, you should get in touch with them and ask for what type of links they built for you. Not only that, you should get the complete list of links they built for you as well as get the contact details of those webmasters so you can contact them at your will. It has often been found that the companies are indulged in rampart link exchanges or article submissions which turned bad after Google’s latest updates.

You must remember one thing. No-follow links don’t cause you any good or any harm. They cannot affect your Google ranking. You can still remove those but they can lie there with a low priority. You can remove them just to be sure, but after you have removed the real harmful links.

You should ideally ask a link removal expert to take a look at those reports which you have gathered till now and verify that every arrangement has been done perfectly. This step might not be indispensable but it is highly recommended nevertheless.

An SEO professional can also manually put a view forward about the good links and the bad links. This manual verification is important as many links which might seem good are actually bad and vice-versa.

The Removal Process

Now the final step begins in your link removal campaign. Your website should be just fine after this step. The first step is to check the link list you have covered and contact each webmaster separately to get remove the incoming link from his site. You can mail them and politely ask them to remove the links which are causing you trouble. You can mention how you have been penalized due to the link from his site. There are lots of templates available online on how to approach the webmasters with a perfect email.

There are website owners who are exploiting this situation and are asking for money to get your link removed. You should not pay heed but save those emails and mark the link in your disavow list to take action on later.

You should send at least 3 emails per website and try to get the links removed. Be patient and wait. One thing is for sure, even after 3-4 rounds of emails and polite requests you can get a 50% response rate at maximum.

Disavow Tool

Use this tool only after you have done all of the above. If you simply put all your bad links in a text file and upload it to Google, Google will not reconsider your request. However, if you take actions on all of those links and have failed on some occasions, Google will see the proof of your efforts and then do the needful from their side.

Upload the disavow file to Google and submit a reconsideration request. Your reconsideration request should have the following points covered.

  • Details of your total link removal campaign
  • Summary of the link removal campaign
  • Identify the poor link building tactics of past
  • Why you couldn’t remove the few remaining bad links
  • A request to reconsider your case.

After all of these are done, expect no magic but slowly and surely your ranks will come up the order and hopefully you shall be back where you were.

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