Reasons Why Mobile Ads Are Now More Effective than Desktop Ads

Reasons Why Mobile Ads Are Now More Effective than Desktop Ads

The mobile advertising thought, which has been a bit dicey in the past, finally turned out to favor the world. Many marketers today reach their targeted audiences with more than half of all mobile ads, according to a recent research. This is because, 90% of the population is using smartphones today as a basic necessity that cannot be replaced.


Although some marketers haven’t still embraced mobile with the same enthusiasm as a desktop, but mobile campaigns have proved to be better, according to the studies. This now puts the usual on-target proportion for mobile campaigns on par with that of desktop campaigns.

This is a major factor that can influence the social media buyers and sellers planning digital marketing strategies. In some cases, marketers see greater benefits of mobile native advertising while targeting narrower audience, especially younger generation.

Besides this, the personal nature of mobile phones is also a key contributor towards the benefits derived from hugely personalized targeting.


This is because the personalization of experience is combined with a progressively effective underlying tracking ecosystem.  Albeit, desktop ads have had a tracking head start over mobile, the advantages it once had has been crushed.

Gradually, the mobile campaigns are considered to be better solutions for finding the right users for the marketers. It is because marketers can now identify the perfect section of users for their app so easily. Rather than publishing onto a major desktop site and expecting it to go viral, mobile advertising benefits immensely from the targeted effect.

Mobile phone finally proves itself to be a more highly personal platform. Here are 4 reasons:

  • Mobile is getting a significant audience advantage
  • Mobile devices are more appropriate for the native concept
  • Mobile ads have been so successful, they are driving reform in older businesses
  • Mobile advertising benefits from greatly personalized targeting

Mobile is undoubtedly coming on strong!

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