Nexiilabs SEO Marketing Campaign

Initiate the digital marketing phase of renowned IT major company with SEO, Content Marketing & Blog Management


Key Challenges:

  • Technology Major Company fresh entry into digital marketing
  • Tough competition into market as competitors already placed on top for last 3-4 years
  • Cloud computing segment has least reference content available online for our writers
  • Scope of error or generic content was zero as company put tough review and content approval steps
  • Website was not optimized and less scope provided to change
  • Least scope offered by company to change content or Meta Tags
  • Subject matter needed team precision 99%


Strategy & Ideas:

  • Use the gap of content availability online on subjects like cloud computing
  • Robust on-page changes to surpass the content and Meta tags least change limitation
  • Maximize off-page activities on PR4+ sites to get quick results on highly competitive keywords
  • Use blog as content power house to generate traffic as well as quality content channel for industry

Success Results:

  • 2 Keywords in top 10 within 2.5 months like “best QA services”
  • Blog started getting massive response as praised by industry experts
  • Trend was started among competitors as well to get informative content on their home blog
  • Company introduced few more solution and focus was on getting traffic through SEO results
  • Ongoing efforts have placed almost 6+ keywords in Google top 5 & 20+ keywords in top 15