Bitcoin Startup Unocoin Marketing Campaign

Unocoin, a Karnataka startup asked us to engage people on social media with rare and complex concept of Bitcoin & Virtual Currency


Key Challenges:

  • BitCoin currency startup from Karnataka
  • New and tricky concept to adapt in India
  • Least references available online regarding virtual currency concept
  • Limited Marketing Budget


Strategy & Ideas:

  • Strategize content and campaign around brands or services which are popular in India and accepting BitCoin
  • Get cross branding of those brands and services and promote Unocoin
  • Provide the vast spectrum of virtual currency future and trigger trading users on social profiles

Success Results:

  • Facebook page provided strong engagement and info to target audience
  • Company started getting buzz in market
  • $250,000 Overseas Investment landed to Unocoin
  • Company awarded Adbot with increased budget & services like dedicated creative resource and more
Founder, Ecommerce Company

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