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Online advertising solution at Adbot™ empowers global clientele marketing with maximized traffic, minimized advertising budget, and set forth conversions

Succeed in the online advertising space with the most creative and innovative online ad solution with spectacular technology of full featured ad serving, behavioural targeting and ad network optimization facilitating companies with higher customer acquisition. We are dedicated to create ads having quick viewer attention and prolonged imprints on viewers mind. We are making every product launch of our clients a success story in digital space. Adbot™ India strongholds are top ad position, increased clicks on same budget, and ad re-targeting services.

“Adbot™ ad campaign success rate is of 91% on Google Search and Facebook”

We guarantee top four ad slots on Google search for text ads even for the most competitive keywords within 1 weeks of ad campaign operations. Our team specialized in ad optimization, lowering your initial campaign bids to save nice share of your money and grab top ad position. Adbot™ is successfully serving clients with hefty budget for brand building on Facebook & Display networks as well as performance advertising on Google Search for small businesses with low budget.

6 years of advertising expertise in ad campaign handling for all major industries, services and local businesses.

Adbot™ India holds expertise in online advertising with more than 6 years of campaign handling for almost all major industries, services and local businesses. We are successfully serving retail majors, travel & hospitality majors, real estate majors, prominent universities, educational institutions, lawyers and immigration consultants, newspaper/magazine subscriptions, Telecom-IT, doctors, jewellery stores, fashion and interior designers, and more to count.

Advertise your brand online with Adbot™ to reach billions of potential customers at lowest possible cost.

We garner maximum user attention to your ad campaigns and seduce them to perform the desired action. We push your ads on top position to your target audience as well as billions of user engaged online searching for news, information, products, services and more. We deploying ad re-targeting to your loyal audience list we ensure higher ad conversion rate.

Advertising with Adbot™ means Ads with Intelligence – No hit & try exercise


Yes! We create ads with intelligence. Our industry expertise and years of experience empowers us to quickly create ad campaigns with full feature and optimized rather that washing your budget with ad testing then optimizing. Our ads are intelligent as there is no hit and try exercise. Online ads can be easily optimized to reach targeted audience as per your business requirements. You can show your ads to the right creed of customers according to customer’s age, education, demography, interest, living status, income bar, job status, job profile (LinkedIn only), marital status and more. No other ad medium provides you such a wide choice of ad routing and customer penetration. Targeted ad optimization benefits you with the lower advertising budget with maximum conversion rate. Google alone provides sufficient tools to optimize your ads for best performance and save money by limiting fake clicks, negative keywords and retargeting list.

As the performing Advertising Agency, Adbot™ excels in exploitation of high traffic digital marketing channels for optimal advertising, satisfying your branding and marketing goals. We have an edge in media buying and planning, and securing low cost ad inventory on high traffic display networks. Pool of several high traffic websites ranging from newspaper, magazine, fashion, education and blogs offer their entire ad inventory to Adbot™. Also we figure out and map high traffic volume websites and blogs and earn their ad inventory for our clients this direct approach helps us to lower our clients advertising budget.

Display advertising is an interactive and engaging mode of marketing as you attract your customers with catchy banner ads and engage them with tempting text ads and animation or video ads and persuade them with strong call to action to visit your website or view your product. Online marketing statistics can be tracked on real time and analyzed with concrete figures exhibiting the reach and success of your online ad campaign.

Yes! Even the world’s most popular brand Coke has to advertise to stay in competition.

To stay in competition you need to keep advertising. Even the top notch brands need to advertise frequently to reckon by audiences. You must have seen many brands fade away, once a hot favourite in the market. Your business needs to keep in pace with your competitors and all your business competitors are already availing the huge benefit of powerful advertising options. Start your online ad campaign today if not started yet, approach Adbot™ for performance oriented online advertising solution. We are into Google advertisingFacebook advertisingDisplay advertising and Social advertising.

We make ads more sensible and performing.

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