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How the Top Digital Ad Agencies Helping Startups Growth in India


The mushrooming startups in India in every field from retail to grocery and fashion to agriculture is in the radar of worldwide investors who are looking to invest in startups. The growth stories of these startups are being written by top digital agencies inclined to serve the best of their marketing skills.

The digital strategy has grown its importance in defining the success of startups. The promotional channels and techniques are the prime factor in generating right traffic and last goal funnel that is sales. Here we are outlining the best or the optimized marketing channels that need to be used if you want to make your startup a grand success.

Being among the top ad agency in India we are assisting stable businesses as well as startups promoting your business through various online advertising and digital marketing techniques. The advantage of online advertising is that the effects of ads are quick and rapid. Customers visiting website can be tracked immediately. This results in reaching a large audience quickly.

We guide the seeding business in a right direction to sell their products to the potential consumers thereby achieving greater profits and increased sales.

Find the best verticals of online advertising techniques to seize your startup success:

  1. Social Network Advertising: Facebook and Twitter are the two major social media platforms which are used to advertise products. Today, most of the people use these websites as a medium of interaction which is why companies advertise about their products on such social networking sites to reach the potential audience.
  2. Text ads: These are simple ads with text and a link. Keywords are important in these types of ads. Advertisers are careful to incorporate the best possible keywords for their product and services.
  3. Content Advertising: The purpose of content advertising is to attract audience by creating valuable content which drives profitable customer action. This content is in the form of blogs, articles and descriptions. The idea is to spread awareness among the visitors about the products and services offered by a business.
  4. Display Advertising: Display advertising is the most effective way of advertising your products. This type of advertising uses catchy images, flash of videos, audios and banners. Unlike text based ads, Display advertising is generally more interactive and attractive.
  5. Paid-to-read Advertising: These are email advertisements; if a visitor clicks on the link he/she receives money to do so.

The aforementioned techniques are used by Adbot Team which aims to promote your business by advertising your products by using the best method.

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