How Neglecting Social Media Services In India Can Impact Your Marketing Strategy?


You will wonder by knowing that even in now many businesses are not focusing on social media services in India. They are still following traditional methods of marketing without even realizing what they are missing. They have no idea how influential and easily accessible has social media become for consumers and entrepreneurs.

In Today’s time not having social media as a marketing tool would be more like not having a smartphone in 21st century.

Here are few reason how absence of social media can impact your business:

  • Zero customer interaction: Without social media you have no clue what customers wants to say to you. Do you know how your product is performing in the market? Are consumers really happy from your XYZ product which they have purchased recently? The answer is NO. Through social media consumers can reach you easily and can express their views without hesitation. You can also monitor any complaint or negative review and attempt to answer them quickly.
  • Overpriced marketing tool: Traditional marketing tools are expensive than social media tools. Through this advertising tool you can reach maximum number of consumers within limited budget and time. You are not required to spend huge money and running from one place to another to reach your potential customers.
  • Difficulty in building reputation: Indeed you are an expert in some company with this huge turnover selling some product. Do you have a Facebook page? No? Do people follow you on Twitter? No? Oops you missed your chance here. If you want to add credibility even for a small business you must use social media as this is one of the effective tools to build your reputation with fewer efforts.
  • Unable to keep an eye on competitors: Without socializing yourself with rest of the world you would not be able to know what you competitors are offering to people. In business you can never assume. You can easily monitor social media activity of your competitors and that would eventually help you build up your own marketing strategies.
  • Unhandy-Customers: Running away from socializing yourself will leave your customer unhandy. Traditional marketing approach bound you from getting closer to the customers. However, this is not in the case of social media. Customer can reach you anytime without giving a second thought.
  • Unable to reach beyond demographic boundaries: Traditional marketing approach can bound you in boundaries. Social media have given such a platform that any business can reach anywhere in entire world with less efforts. Even in India it is quite difficult for a business person to spread their business from north to south.

In conclusion, we can say that if you want to survive you must go with the flow of social media in marketing. I hope you are not too late. Look at your customers likes and dislikes and build your own social circle. You can online find many companies who are offering social media services in India which can help you to grow in your business.

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