How Important is a Blog?


There are many companies which didn’t realize the importance of a blog, but now the smart ones who know their importance have gotten into blogging. Blog dominates the online world, and when it comes to getting more customers, the best option is blogging. Blogging has changes the online marketing platform as it is a proven method of attracting more and more people to your website.

Whether your business is big or small you can jump right in and create a blog. It is very easy when you do it on your own website. Creating the blog structure is not too hard, so you can start easily. Getting started is easy and inexpensive. You just have to go to Google’s “blogger content management system and sign up for free. This is a content management system like WordPress and Joomla, it is operated by Google and it has its own advantages. The first advantage is that they will host the blog for you so that you do not have to pay to put it on the internet. What is great is that get a free domain name too as long as you adhere to their rules and regulations. So, the bottom-line is that you can have your own blog for free and in an instant.

Start a Lot of Blogs

If you like the idea of having one blog linking to your website, why not have many blogs so that you can send a lot of backlinks to your website. The only problem is that you will have to find fresh content every week to fill in so many blog sites.

Write Your Own Blogs and Post Them Yourself

This is one way of blogging which is effective, you can write your own blogs and then post them on your website and you can guest post them on other people’s blogs and increase your back-link profile. Writing a blog, yourself is imperative as new Google updates like panda and penguin puts copied or poor content to trash which will affect the sites visibility in search results.

Write yourself and have someone post it for you

If you are so caught up in your work and don’t have time to write posts for your own blogs or for the blogs of other people, you can have expert content writers to write your posts for you and post them later on.

Blogs are a very effective way to strengthen your back-links and every company should use it to their SEO advantage. It is a simple task and doesn’t ask a lot in return just a little bit of your time and thoughts but the return you get is ten folds in terms of natural SEO traffic.

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