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Google Marketing

Save up to 24% of your Google AdWords budget with Adbot™

Our industry expertise empowers us to serve you with best of available Google AdWords features, major keywords bidding-competition know how, maneuver low bidding with top ad position and the best part saving close to 24% of your ad budget with increased conversions/sales on your website.

Banner Ads
Of businesses use banner ads to launch their products or services
Mobile Apps Banner
is the share of display ads in generating leads


Adbot™ is dedicated to create ads having quick viewer attention and prolonged imprints on viewers mind to facilitate companies with highest customer acquisition.
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    Largest Pool of Performing Web & Apps Inventory
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    Media Buying & Display Campaign Planning & Strategy
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    Lowest Ad Cost, Higher CTR & Top Ad Placement
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    Committed Performance Display Ads Campaign offering CPL, CPA & CPC
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Google AdWords Management

Our Google ad campaign success rate is of above 90%

Google advertising solution at Adbot™ highlights top ad position on highly competitive keywords, pay lower than the bidding rate of keywords, conversion optimized ad campaigns to save budget and maximize ad clicks & ROI. We are the preferred choice by eCommerce, mid-small businesses as well as startups. We have proven success track record of serving travel portals, retail majors, universities, educational institutions, immigration consultants, telecom, IT, newspapers/magazines subscription, and more to count.

Adbot™ India has embarked in advertising industry with their remarkable works of facilitating companies with highest customer acquisition. We are dedicated to create ads having quick viewer attention and prolonged imprints on viewers mind. We make every product launch of our clients a success story. We do not consume your ad budget for 500 keywords but we dedicate your ad budget to highly competitive 100 keywords.

Guaranteed top 3 ad results with lower ad bid within a week, even with 1/10th budget your competitor is spending

As a Google advertising company, we create adverts that are appealing to your target audience. When people find an ad to be interesting, they click on it and are instantly able to connect to your business. As a Google advertising company we assist you with the whole process to help you reach potential customers and take your company to a next level.

Advertise your business on Google to reach billions of potential customers searching for your products or services. We maneuver maximum visibility for your ad campaigns to millions of audience spending their time online searching for news, information, products, services, entertainment, dating, marriage and more.


600% traffic growth possible

9000+ daily website visitors possible

86% lead growth possible

CTR growth 33x of industry standard

24% rise in ad clicks in same budget

5x revenue growth of each $1 ad spend

Google Display Ads

Why should you hire a Google AdWords Agency?

Managing AdWords well takes time, expertise and knowledge and not every business has the expertise or time in-house, so in order to lower cost and increase effectiveness a business ought to hire a Google advertising agency that has the capability of creating ads having a quick viewer engagement and prolonged imprints on the viewers’ mind.

Adbot India serves as an expert Google advertising agency with an experience of over 10 years in campaign handling for almost all the major companies, services and local businesses. At Adbot, we will help you boost your company’s involvement with users by advertising on Google. Being the world’s largest search engine, with pay per click advertising mechanism, you are highly noticeable on Google. What’s even more interesting about Google AdWords is that they allow business of any size, small or large, to advertise to potential customers who are looking their services.

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