Google Ads Launched New URL Parameter Options


Google has introduced two landing page URL parameter options in Google Ads. Google has launched this feature ahead of the parallel tracking deadline which is 30th October 2018.

Now you will find a new field to add a “Final URL suffix,” which gets appended to the end of the final URL. After this feature Google advertisers can now enter at most eight custom parameters, instead of just three.

Google ads final url suffix

Google says it currently supports all the qualities required for advertisers utilising third-party click dimension methods to migrate their account to parallel monitoring before the October 30 deadline.

Parallel monitoring is just another initiative to help accelerate landing-page loading times. It operates by separating monitoring parameters in the landing page URL.

Two advisories for those making those modifications:

In case your AdWords Editor, Google states you will have to be using a version 12.4 or higher to make sure your prior URL and concurrent monitoring changes aren’t deleted.

Google warns a few edits made in the older AdWords UI to campaigns, ad groups, keywords, extensions or ads”could be reversed,” so you must finish your edits from the new AdWords experience.

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