Find Out: How to Use Social Media for Trend Research?


Social media as we all know is rich with user-generated content from different brands, businesses and creative. This results in a deluge of information about the world. Several people across the world keep buzzing their views about different matters and trends.

This information is useful for the marketers looking for latest trends and consumer’s feedback. Social media provides a platform for the marketers to engage with their consumers online and understand their demand from their view point.

The social media users talk about multiple topics, the most useful and engaging topic bubble to the top and become the trending topic. From Facebook and Twitter to the new emerging social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, each platform has evolved to present trends unique to its own network.

Owing to the enhanced search options, each network proves itself to be useful for different type of searches.

Facebook: The Trend setter

Facebook has recently introduced an improved search tool which has enabled users to find useful information easily. Though the Facebook search results are limited to only public content or content from your friends yet there are several public posts from the publications, public figures and businesses which become trending topics.

Twitter: Real-time Trends

If you are looking for some real time trends or conversations, then Twitter is perhaps the best network for you. Twitter users are usually engaged in conversations around large scale. Moreover the Twitter hashtag system turns the keywords into search results which improved search enabling people to find information they have been looking for.

Pinterest and Instagram: Visual trends

Both Pinterest and Instagram are image based platforms where users can easily find useful pictures by typing the keyword into search tab. People using Instagram can also follow a picture and get related information as and when it gets updated.

While Instagram is driven mostly by hashtags, on the other hand Pinterest has become a visual search engine which enables users to find high quality pictures related to their keywords.

In conclusion, businesses that follow and actively monitor social trends will unravel important insights on what type of content appeals to the customers and this can greatly help in improving their content strategy and eventually brand standing.

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