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Facebook advertising solution at Adbot™ strongholds lower cost per click, performing ads with conversion, maximized ad clicks & ROI on right side ads, maximum audience penetration with newsfeed ads and lowest click cost on page like ads.


“Our Facebook ad campaign success rate is of 99%”


Facebook has emerged as the prominent online marketing platform for small businesses to corporate houses for advertising, branding and marketing. Companies are using facebook platform to build their brand, promote a service, customer satisfaction, and sell their products. More and more companies are getting into practice of facebook ads and most importantly providing a sizable share of their ad budget to facebook. Start promoting your business on Facebook, if already not, through stamp ads or sponsored stories to stay in competition.

Facebook ads are proving a great success for small-mid businesses, local businesses/stores, retails, restaurants-pubs as well as major corporate houses. Corporate houses are using facebook ads for branding while for small and medium companies, the facebook platform is serving well to promote & sell their product or services. Even if you are a business house with local offering such as educational institution or dance academy, Facebook ads can do the right magic for you by magnetising the targeted users of your locality. Advertising on Facebook is growing popular due to its low budget and instant approval benefits. If you have a small scale business operation then you can choose to advertise as less as with $10. Also, better ad targeting and optimization can provide you clicks for as low as few cents.

Facebook page and advertising have emerged as a strong ground for branding, customer acquisition and must have online assest for reputation management of corporate and businesses. Companies are equally using Facebook pages as a robust platform to interact with their customers, resolve their queries, product promotion, offer discount coupons and awareness of new product launch. Real time customer interaction regarding complaints, grievances and suggestions results in higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Adbot™ is among the foremost Online Marketing Companies offering complete Facebook marketing. We are the Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer handling successful Facebook campaigns, Facebook fan page, Facebook ads, Facebook apps and Facebook likes. Access our Facebook marketing services to boost your branding, online business, product awareness and sales.

“Advertise with Adbot™ to experience conversion/sales through Facebook ads”


Facebook Ads Offer Access to 1.55 Billion Active Audience to Promote Your Business!

Adbot™ India has a specialized team of Facebook marketers, who caters to all your marketing needs and promotes your business by planning efficient strategies. Our aim is to increase traffic on your website by reaching out potential customers and maintain a reputation on Facebook that stands out. We certainly believe that advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to garner maximum attention from people all across the globe and locally.

Over the time, millions of people have started using Facebook and are mad over this social media platform. Be it sharing, chatting, posting or liking, people use their Facebook account to stay active socially and take part in whatever they like. Our team uses this as an advantage to promote your business on Facebook. With so many people using Facebook, it is quite great to advertise on this social platform to take your business ahead and reach out millions of people. Once your business is on this social website, people will come across it, share your page, like your page and recommend it to others.

Besides this, with several new updates on Facebook, we have started using effective ways to promote business instantly. Listed below are some ways through which we intend to promote your business:

By making the most out of Facebook profile

We create an active and interesting Facebook page by adding information about the business, the website link, images and an overview about the business. Keeping relevant and appropriate information on the profile page will help customers find your business easily and quickly on Facebook.

By adding common hashtags in the posts and profile

With the use of suitable hashtags, your business profile page is most likely to appear more prominently in the Facebook search results. This allows customers to find your brand or related stories, campaigns, promotional and more stuffs at ease of their fingertips.

By interacting with the customers and followers

Interaction with viewers or users of Facebook provides a powerful endorsement for your business. Facebook users love to share their views and news with real people. Replying to customer’s queries and responding to their comments and complaints will encourage more discussions and feedbacks. We build and spread your brand story to your target and prospective audience.

By rewarding Facebook followers

Many people use Facebook to find special deals and offers. Therefore running competitions and offering deals can encourage more visitors to follow your page and connect with you.

The most popular social media platform, Facebook offers us the chance to reach out to perspective customers and connect with them to popularize your business and take it to the next level. Our organization aims to engage as many viewers as possible to spread information related to your business, which can increase traffic, rise sales, build reputation and promote your business instantly.

Let’s start your brands Facebook advertising to showcase the best of your business and regular brand stories and updates with best of creative and user centric content through the most interactive way of storytelling.


We make Facebook advertising works better for your business!


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