3 More Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

email marketing mistakes

As we promised you in our previous blog, here are three more email marketing mistakes that you should know about and must avoid making them.

Consider using these points as a checklist in that anxious moment before sending an email to several people.

  1. You didn’t check how you email will look on mobile phones or other small screens.

Nowadays, people prefer viewing their emails on mobile devices than on desktops. So before sending an email, make sure to see a preview of how it would look on smartphones, tablets or other such devices.

  1. You removed the unsubscribe link.

This is again a legal offense for email marketers. So, never indulge yourself in such a situation, instead hire a reputable email service provider who would take care of such things.

  1. You included a couple of huge images.

Though this isn’t a major mistake, but it could make your customers loose interest in your emails or simply put them off. It is because, huge images usually take more time to load and nowadays people don’t have that much patience and nor the inclination to wait. They want to view everything quickly and move on to the next important work.

These are the three other mistakes that you need to avoid when beginning with email marketing. Read the aforementioned information thorough and win over your fear of pressing that “send” button. Once you’ve managed to avoid these mistakes, we are sure that you’ll be confident enough in whatever you are sending to your customers and would never fail to give them the best.

3 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

We’re all humans and we all make mistakes. Especially when we have to represent ourselves in front of hundreds and thousands of people, we ought to tremble and make certain mistakes. Similar case is with email marketing. We feel a reasonable fear before sending an email to so many people and clicking the irrevocable “send” button.

In order to help so get over such anxiety, we’ve put together some mistakes you can make. Read them and avoid making them.

  1. You don’t have people’s permission to send them emails

It’s a big thing to do. In some places, it is considered as a major offence and it’s against the law to do so. Once caught, the person will have to suffer huge fines. So make sure that don’t mail to people if you don’t have their permission.

  1. Sending to a list from your personal email account

If you’re doing this, stop immediately! Don’t ever use your personal email address to send emails to more than 10-15 people. Start using email service provider for this purpose. Because it will get you more results and you’ll have a better way of tracking reports.

  1. You didn’t send a test email

Instead of getting nervous or freaking out before sending an email, you can simply send yourself a test email to check if there’s a miss spell or broken link. If still not satisfied, then send the email to your friend or coworker for reassurance.

Avoid these three mistakes, we’ll soon come up with three more mistakes that you need to know about. Till then read the aforementioned mistakes and remember them while email marketing in India. We are sure this information will be of help to you.

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