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Do We Have a Heading? The Epoch of The Smartphone, Facebook And The “Selfie”


It’s a great feeling to dwell into the past and walk down the memory lane and write about stuff that once were so familiar and now has gone into oblivion. The era of Smartphone’s, Facebook and the selfie has changed the world in ways that no other phenomena can change. So what has fueled this change and what will be the face of our world in the future? To answer some of these questions, let’s go back to where it all started.

Are Smartphone’s really smart?

In the year 2000 there were some phones, which were regarded as Smartphone’s. These were very different from the devices that we use today. Frankly speaking, these phones had more features and were user friendly, thus were regarded as Smartphone’s. But today the definition of a Smartphone today has changed dramatically. Today’s Smartphone’s can do lot more. It’s because of the technological revolution that our phones can see, talk and become a companion for some. It is felt sometimes, that if you have a Smartphone you don’t need anything else, not even a human to talk to. People are so engrossed in messaging, playing games, engaged on social media websites and chatting, that they just don’t care about relations and social bonds.

All being said, but you cannot rule out ways in which Smartphone’s have revolutionized our lives? You can do anything on your Smartphone these days. If used as a device not a lifeline, it can become a boon for the society. Recently I was researching on Smartphone’s. Actually I was comparing some of these devices as I wanted to purchase one. I came across an interesting blog. It was regarding the ways in which mobile marketing and app marketing has helped many creative people to earn a living. I guess, the revolution that these Smartphone’s have brought is not just a phase but a change for good, if all the pros and cons are taken into account.

Is the launch of Facebook the defining moment in the history of Business?

Billions of users across the globe, almost all companies relying on Facebook marketing and thousands of start-ups on the mercy of Facebook advertising, yes in my opinion Facebook has changed the way we see business today. No business can hope to make a presence without a Facebook page. The social media giant has become the benchmark of trust and goodwill for companies. Measured by likes and views on posts, Facebook has helped many small companies to survive in the cut throat competition.

Other than There are lots of well-known social media sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Wetpaint, Wikidot, Second Life,, Digg, Reddit, Lulu and many others, which have also helped marketers to promote their products and services easily in a cost effective way.

Is “selfie” signifying a social pattern and are we unable to comprehend the change?

Selfie’s are common these days. Most of the people like to use these as their display pics on Facebook and Instagram. These portraits convey a deeper massage of an unquenchable urge to be noticed and admired. When a girl or a boy who are a part of a bad relationship splits, they often use these selfie as a weapon to land a punch to their ex’s face. More often than not these selfie are depiction of sexuality and ways to hurt the person in question. The person who posts such pics seeks pleasure in knowing that the other person is getting humiliated. These selfie are often clicked using Smartphone’s and posted on Social media websites.

Are we naive enough to not notice these changes or have we made a truce with ourselves to seek revenge in these ways and using such platforms in ways it shouldn’t be?

I guess the future of these three inseparable attributes of our lives may lie in the fundamental question, are we moving ahead to is it a vicious circle? Do we humans have the capacity to use these amazingly efficient ways of promotion and connections for the greater good or will these things just die out because of the self-obsessive nature and narcissism in humans?

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