5 Things That Must Be A Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media has transformed into a huge industry. There is so much that every business is trying to do that, it all seems confusing sometimes. For startup brands, social media strategies struggle to attract followers and interaction.

Here are five basic things that every small brand or startup must start doing in order to gain more followers and improve actions on social media platform.

  1. Customer support

Customers try to reach a business through social media. It serves as a great tool to interact with the customers and answer their queries personally.

  1. Micro influencers

It is on social media that the big businesses are paying so much to the influencers who come with a big price tag. Therefore small businesses can rely on them. These are users who have 4-5 figure followers and can prove to be very cost-effective, even free in some cases. Because they are in a growing phase just like you, they are likely to help you.

  1. Get personal

Interacting personally on social media attracts customers and your website tends to gain more attention. Be interactive and try to be a part of every conversation on Facebook to address your followers. A healthy personal conversation on social media can be very profitable for your business and will create faith in your customers.

  1. Promote core values

Whatever motto your website has or a belief that your brand wants to promote, you can spread it through the social media channels. This improves brand awareness and your website tends to grab more attention.

  1. User-generated content

It is a good idea to tag users in a post about them on your social media channel. This is a great way to drive more actions.

This is how you can attract more visitors and spread awareness about your business. You can also hire a digital marketing company that offers you great digital marketing services and advices.

Top Five Reasons to Ensure Your Business Is Digitally Optimized

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With the increasing competition, businesses are trying to do everything possible to sustain in this market. It is vital for a business to exist online as the world is moving towards a digital world. Attracting the right audience online is one of the most important things and very daunting as well.

Here are five reasons why it is important to have a business which is digitally optimized.

  1. Digital marketing is cost-effective in comparison to the traditional marketing

Small businesses have less funds and resources. Digital marketing provides them a better and cost-effective way for effective marketing, which gives them better results. Digital marketers get better cost per lead compared to other marketing channels.

  1. Digital marketing services not only creates brands, but also deliver conversion

Social platforms generate more effective interaction with users and delivers better results in terms of higher conversion rates.

  1. Digital marketing company help build brand reputation

Digital marketing cannot make your brand popular immediately, however it is undoubtedly faster than the traditional method.

  1. Digital marketing earns people trust

Through digital marketing one gets to know the quality of service the company is offering. It creates a sense of transparency, which results in a better bond between the brand and its customers.

  1. Digital marketing is extremely flexible in nature

Digital marketing services are very flexible the campaigns planed could be changed in just a few clicks. This implies that if a campaign turns out to be unsuccessful, then you can immediately change it without much effort.

Aforementioned are some reasons why your business should be digitally optimized. You can also contact a digital marketing company for the digital marketing services to take your business to a better level.

Remove Google’s Manual Penalty – A Useful SEO Guide


Google’s email containing messages about detection of unnatural links are quite scary. The email, which doesn’t specify the links singularly may drive many webmasters nuts about the future course of action.

It is true that you shall face problem momentarily about the ranking of the site but yes, like every other problem in the world there is a solution of this as well. Follow this article as we shall be sharing a few tips and tricks, very actionable, to get out of Google’s bad book. If there is a manual penalty invoked upon you, there are ways to remove that as well and we shall discuss the same in here as well. Based on our true experience of removing manual penalties, these are how we handled the case for three websites.

Link Analysis

The first step is analysis of the penalty for sure. You need to know which links are being harmful and causing you problems. There are lots of tools, both free like Google Webmaster Tool and premium such as Majestic SEO or open site explorer to get you this information. You can easily use multiple tools such as combining Google Webmaster and Majestic SEO. Google tool is sometimes a bit slow thus using a paid tool is highly encouraged here.

There are different ways to know whether your penalty is a manual one or algorithmic one. You can check your Google webmaster messages, if there is a mail saying unnatural links detected, you have been manually penalised. In other cases, you can file a reconsideration request and they will tell you what type of penalty you are under.

You should know and understand the basis of your links. Even after you have analysed it all, you can rest assured that you will need further link analysis using premium tools such as Link Detox or Link Risk. They will analyse your link profile and then tell you how many healthy, suspicious and dangerous links you have. You can get all the details you need about those links including the site admin’s email ids. This will help you to manage your link removal campaign even easier.

Check Your Past

If you hired an SEO company previously, you should get in touch with them and ask for what type of links they built for you. Not only that, you should get the complete list of links they built for you as well as get the contact details of those webmasters so you can contact them at your will. It has often been found that the companies are indulged in rampart link exchanges or article submissions which turned bad after Google’s latest updates.

You must remember one thing. No-follow links don’t cause you any good or any harm. They cannot affect your Google ranking. You can still remove those but they can lie there with a low priority. You can remove them just to be sure, but after you have removed the real harmful links.

You should ideally ask a link removal expert to take a look at those reports which you have gathered till now and verify that every arrangement has been done perfectly. This step might not be indispensable but it is highly recommended nevertheless.

An SEO professional can also manually put a view forward about the good links and the bad links. This manual verification is important as many links which might seem good are actually bad and vice-versa.

The Removal Process

Now the final step begins in your link removal campaign. Your website should be just fine after this step. The first step is to check the link list you have covered and contact each webmaster separately to get remove the incoming link from his site. You can mail them and politely ask them to remove the links which are causing you trouble. You can mention how you have been penalized due to the link from his site. There are lots of templates available online on how to approach the webmasters with a perfect email.

There are website owners who are exploiting this situation and are asking for money to get your link removed. You should not pay heed but save those emails and mark the link in your disavow list to take action on later.

You should send at least 3 emails per website and try to get the links removed. Be patient and wait. One thing is for sure, even after 3-4 rounds of emails and polite requests you can get a 50% response rate at maximum.

Disavow Tool

Use this tool only after you have done all of the above. If you simply put all your bad links in a text file and upload it to Google, Google will not reconsider your request. However, if you take actions on all of those links and have failed on some occasions, Google will see the proof of your efforts and then do the needful from their side.

Upload the disavow file to Google and submit a reconsideration request. Your reconsideration request should have the following points covered.

  • Details of your total link removal campaign
  • Summary of the link removal campaign
  • Identify the poor link building tactics of past
  • Why you couldn’t remove the few remaining bad links
  • A request to reconsider your case.

After all of these are done, expect no magic but slowly and surely your ranks will come up the order and hopefully you shall be back where you were.

Contact Adbot for an extensive SEO Audit and proven SEO services to keep your on-page optimization and site health 100%.

10 Reasons Suggesting Being an Entrepreneur is Great


Being an entrepreneur is awesome but not for the reason you think. Despite being their own bosses, entrepreneurs don’t necessarily work less than their colleagues and they are not lazy. So why it is that entrepreneurship is so good, this is what some successful entrepreneurs had to say.

1 Entrepreneurs like to make name for them and create legacy so that people remember them long after they are gone.

2 Some entrepreneurs enjoy the attention that media gives to them. They like to be known and heard which makes them look special. It is some of the plus points of being an entrepreneur.

3 Entrepreneurs love it when customers tell them that they created something that delighted them. It boosts their confidence and helps them to keep their customers happy. This phenomenon is called founder high.

4 Some entrepreneurs think that pursuing the same career for the rest of the life is worthless, instead doing business is much better and fruitful, you get many fold what efforts you put in.

5 Another interesting reason is that some entrepreneurs like to meet fascinating people from around the world, which inspire and teach new things.

6 This is the best reason of all, they have the freedom to make decisions and that is that drives them to be entrepreneurs; Their decisions whether right or wrong, without having to take permission is a great feeling.

7 Companies whole and soul responsibility is yours and you have to solve every puzzle to be the best, this is challenging but fun at the same time.

8 The entrepreneurs have the freedom to create which is the best thing of being self-employed.

9 People might realize that entrepreneurs are more than spoiled millionaires and has much more to do and accomplish.

10 Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to change people’s lives and influence them to be better.

Anyone can become a great entrepreneur, he just needs to inculcate the desire to be one. Providing a service or product to the world that humans need is an awesome feeling. But don’t forget to back your business with Digital Marketing techniques. Digital Marketing has the capability to reach more consumers. You will benefit from it, if you employ the best techniques. Now know, How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Some Tips to Tweet Effectively


Tweeting is all about gaining attention, posting images and views that attracts people. Unfortunately, only chosen few twitter users have influence over twitter 0.11% to be exact. So to be precise only a few relish the privilege to be at the top.

So to be in the top number of people who influence the crowd what does it take?

Well finding your niche and voice is one way to go. This is what will inspire thousands of people that are complete strangers to follow you, engage with you and more importantly recommend you to others. Find the topics you are passionate about that you have good knowledge about. This can be anything ranging from sports to books that you read, anything at all. Also, Twitter is a very effective site to promote your business through Twitter Marketing. If you have many people in your friend list and a large number of people are following you it is easy to advertise your product and attain wide reach.

Define your voice, it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. The way you portray yourself matters a lot.

Posting images help a lot, you get approximately 35% retweets.

Ask fluent questions, on an average questions derive interactions, and increase your involvement. Keep in mind that your questions are relevant, engaging and exciting. Engage in actual conversations; contribute to topic discussion by bringing something new to the table. On twitter people are caught up tweeting images and commenting, but the main purpose of Twitter is to make connections with people who are like minded to grow your business.

Another smart decision is to post at peak hours, the best time to tweet are at midday and in the early evening. Moreover, make efforts to tweet regularly, but not too often. Tweeting 4 times a day is ideal, relevant and interesting tweets should be your goal. In addition, be sure to retweet your own posts if you feel that they were lost in a horde of tweets and were given no attention. Also exploit hash tags as Twitter is a wonderful platform for open discussions and marketing.

Following these simple tips will help you to create a name for yourself on twitter; People will follow you and engage with you. Use this one of the effective social media marketing to enhance your twitter page and profiles.

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No Event Can Be a Success without a Digital Marketing Strategy


In recent times, many companies, individuals and cooperation’s have hosted premier events to make their presence felt. But only those events have got recognition, which were advertised using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, mobile marketing etc. the infusion of Digital Marketing is so vital to the success of any event that ignoring it just isn’t possible.

Many events go into oblivion, just because they are not present on social media platforms. How many of you know that Lakme India Fashion week is just around the corner? Lakme has just lost the plot. If they were active on social media, we all must have known that this event is going to happen.

Facebook and other social media platforms are the best way to promote any event because:

      1. You can reach thousands of people
      2. You can target your reach according to geographical area, demographic attributes and most of all in a limited budget.
      3. You can run cheap ads and still make thousands of people aware about the event.
      4. Having a presence on social media platforms encourages people to take interest and talk about your event. This helps the event to gain popularity and a hype is created.

As far as Mobile Marketing goes, it’s also a profitable way of advertising. But for that you need to search for a company, which has a large database of contacts. Nowadays, there are digital marketing agencies, which promote such events at a very affordable price. If you are hosting any event for the first time, you just got to take help from the pro’s to make your event a success.

You can easily search for the best digital marketing agency on the Internet. Just browse through their past projects and ensure if they have helped in any event. If they have, ask about the details and also ask for a quote on price. Shortlist at least 3 to 5 companies and go with the one, which has loads of experience and are ready to provide you all kinds of assistance.

Some Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel Organically


Well did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, Google being the most popular. It is hard to imagine the YouTube is regarded as one of the most popular search engines among so many other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Over 1 billion people browse videos on YouTube every month, that is just mind-blowing how much YouTube has grown over the years and how many people visit it to watch videos. Moreover over 100 hours’ worth of videos is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. It’s fascinating how many people engage on YouTube to watch and upload videos. Numerous Brands, Artists and marketers have adopted YouTube marketing as an effective medium to engage with their customers through videos. As evident, more and more brands and businesses are spending a fortune on YouTube advertising, but sadly only a few campaigns are optimized correctly for SEO. Here are some tips to optimize your YouTube channel effectively.

Decent optimized title which is relevant to video

Did you know, the title of your video is the most important aspect of your campaign that drives traffic to your video/channel? So, selecting carefully the title of your video is vital to your campaign. Always try to find an interesting and specific title that is less than 70 words.

Description of your video

People often write absurd video descriptions on YouTube without realizing that description should be apt as they help you get higher ranking on YouTube as well as on search results. Moreover, keep in mind to use a minimum of 160 characters.

Specific keywords for your video

Finding appropriate keywords is one of the most important part of your video optimization campaign. Hence, the keyword research will help you to identify the best performing keyword among other selected keywords for your video. The keyword that is performing the best, you can use it to engage better with the audience.

If you haven’t been utilizing these tips don’t be afraid, if you start doing things right now you can still do much better. These tips will ensure your videos/channel gets higher ratings.

Create Your Own Content Management Strategy


“Today, content is the king”

Over the years, content has become so vital that it has started impacting the business communications and the customer engagement approach. The role of the content in today’s business culture has increased so immensely that every business tries to create the best content marketing strategy to face the competitors. The emphasis on content is more today than it has been in the past.

Content is informative, understandable, accessible, entertaining, educational, creative, sharable and more. Though earlier, content used to be one directional, it was in the form of brochures and white papers but over the time, both the meaning and purpose of content has changed. Today’s content should be able to reinforce the brand promise, achieve the desired outcomes of the business and engage all the customers.

Here are five steps to create a strong content strategy

  1. What does the audience want: The first and foremost step is to understand what the audience wants and desires. Determine the target audience and understand how they consume or want to consume content.
  2. Spread it across: How can you spread the content? What are your expectations? These are some important questions you should ask yourself. How can you link content across channels and will your content be suited to the channel it is circulated to?
  3. Build a log: keep a strong pipeline of current content, make a business calendar, and use user-generated content as the part of your overall strategy.
  4. Analysis: Maintain an analysis of content consumption and efficacy. As content is very complex and dynamic, therefore measuring it will require data analysis, optimization and testing tools.
  5. Optimization of content: The content you generate should be so engaging and interesting that it becomes a rich source of earned media and drives a propagation of likes, shares and views.

The content you create should be relevant to the targeted customers. A content that is organized and informative will have more number of views and high levels of engagement. So, create your content marketing strategy accordingly. Now Read How to Make Content Marketing on LinkedIn Stronger

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015


The main component of a flourishing business is the efficiency of marketing efforts. Marketing elements are usually trustworthy, but with the change in technology and consumer’s tastes and lifestyle, it directly affects the business. As the New Year rings in, we examine the beliefs of Internet gurus, thus present a comprehensive list of digital marketing trends to watch out in the year 2015.

Digital marketing has undergone a handful of significant changes in the year 2014. But, at present when 2015 is knocking loud and clear at the door, we all can witness that data is found everywhere. Everybody, across the globe, is associated with data in one way or the other. What’s more? This data is enabling the marketing professionals to gather clues regarding their customer’s behavior, interest and performance. Since mobile users are on the rise and media is progressively being purchased programmatically, the prospects of the users for flawless and enjoyable experience is increasing.

In the year 2015, there are certain digital marketing trends that will be probably on top of everybody’s target list:

The Requirement of Personalized Advertising: The want for personalized advertisements will always be on the rise as the acceptance of mobile as well as web applications, dynamic originality in optimization and location-based advertisement targeting improves.

Data will definitely be Superior in Size: Businesses of today possess sufficient amount of analytical information pertinent to sales, researching patterns, history of purchase, communications and lot more. Almost all information may provide you with indistinct viewpoint of the consumer.

Increase of Visual Information: The data will grow more, so making an attempt to understand that stack of data will also be an apprehension for marketers. Arranging it in an entertaining way is quite important to understand it.

For more detailed information about marketing trends or hire some of the top digital marketing agencies, you can begin your search online right away!

Indian Angel Investors Who Changed the Fates of Start-Ups


Entrepreneurs strive to realise the true potential of their business ideas and change the way things work. Startup companies lack two things, the capital required and the challenges from the bigger players. A strong backer is needed during this initial period and that’s where the angel investors come in.

Angel investors are typically the people who have passed similar phases in their life and they know it only takes an idea to for, a billion dollar company. They have the deep pocket and trust others in the latter’s plans. They not only provide the capital required but sometimes the guidance as well, to turn the new idea into a successful company.

We bring to you the two top angel investors Indian start-ups have benefited from, lately
Sunil Kalra

Sunil Kalra started his life as an exporter and later set up a leather garment manufacturing unit which gave him the chance to work with global leaders. He is a member of the Indian Angel Network and works as an independent angel investor who has contributed significantly to micro-finance and analytic. However, his favourite remains the online ventures and in 2014, he has invested in no less than 12 startup companies including TargetingMantra, Innoveda, Instamojo, HashCube, CultureAlley, Aurality, Frrole, AdPushup, Mobilewalla, Druva, Sapience, Jigsee, Airwoot, Crayon Data and Wishberry.

He is a graduate of marketing and International Trade from University of Texas
Sharad Sharma

He was the CEO of Yahoo India R&D and he handled key responsibilities like emerging market engineering and other global Yahoo products. Then he started his own BrandSigma and leaned towards funding startups. He is fond of technological products and often actively monitor the startups he funds. He was also the chairman of NASSCOM product forum and is a partner in iSpirit Think-tank. He is often a guest speaker on several industry meets.

He has funded many start-ups including Frrole, HashCube, Mobilewalla, Druva Software, Vayavya Labs, Kwench Library Solution, Unbxd, Aurus Network Infotech Pvt. Ltd, Consure Medical and others.

He is a qualified electronics engineer from the reputed Delhi College of Engineering in 1986.