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Are Advertising and Marketing the Same Thing?


44 With the advent of the digital marketing and advertising ventures it is essential to understand the difference between the two process of advertising and marketing

Marketing is a skill and an expression of a creative art and strategic planning. Marketing and advertising although seems to be synonyms to each other as apparently the goals of both the process tends to be the same, however in reality it is quite different. It is true that both this different process contributes to the same objective of assisting a product to reach out their clientele for an effective purchase. However the process involves in advertising and in marketing is by far substantially different. This is to be clearly understood in the given scenario of understanding the complexity of the given advertising and marketing world that has ventured the arena of the virtual world. Thus in order to get the grasp of the meaning of the digital marketing and substantiating the purpose for the thriving growth of digital marketing agencies all over the globe.

Although both marketing and advertisement are a procedure toward consumer procurement, marketing actually involves a process of preparing the product for the market. Marketing involves strategizing, analyzing and recognizing the right customers for a particular product. Marketing is a planning oriented programme that is to be utilized for understanding the potential customers and their aspiration from the product. This is important as the logo, color and other design should align with this inspiration and interest of the target audiences with the representation of the product. Thus the marketing is basically a strategy to define the product brand and also the mobiliser of the desired market output of the products.

Advertisement on other hand introduces the product to the market. Advertisement is a medium to spread out the news about the arrival and a method of propagating the word of uniqueness and the utility of the new product that is launched by the company. In fact it could be said that a good marketing skill is essential and a precondition for the best outcome from the advertisement. Marketing involves the skill of convincing the potential purchasers whereas the advertisement involves the skill of communicating and alluring customers to the product. Therefore, although both the marketing and advertising involves different ingredients and composition, but, it is essential for each other’s progress. A good marketing leads to a good advertisement.

The process has become more intricate with the emergence of the digital avenue in the advertising and marketing world. But the basic composition remains the same with only the inclusion of a substantial number of digital marketing agency and digital advertising agency.

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