The success of your mobile app is a culmination of various aspects, but the real accomplishment lies in, whether your app is being purchased or not. We at Adbot™ are pioneers in turning potential users into long-time customers. And that’s what you really need In-App Marketing, an entity you can trust upon.

If you really want to make your app popular then you must face one truth, effective marketing can make a huge difference between an app that is a commercial success and one that goes into oblivion. With thousands of apps being marketed everyday, it becomes difficult to make the effort profitable. We devise foolproof strategy to market your app in a way that it gets recognized, becomes popular and in the end you can reap profits from it.

“Effective Marketing can make a huge difference between: a successful app and one that goes into oblivion”

Throw us the most difficult challenge and we are up for it, it is not overconfidence in our abilities, but a belief that we can achieve any feet with hard work, dedication and the right strategy.

Rovio Entertainment made it big with angry birds; Imangi Studios did it with Temple run, Beijing Megafun Software Co., Ltd. Did it with Highway Chase: The Ninja Bear, So why can’t you?

With over 170 million downloads angry Bird is one of the most successful app in the History of Mobile gaming, you can also promote you app as they did.

Don’t let your app become a zombie!!

Without an effective Marketing approach, all the technology and effort put into developing the app goes to trash, if it becomes part of the 7 million apps, which are referred to as zombies. At Adbot™, we device the right tactics for your app, so that, it sells.