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Android Vs. Apple: Which Platform Best Suits Your Need


The mobile OS was has been going on for a long time, with Apple iOS and Google Android both striving for top place. Other competing opponents do exist, including Windows Mobile and RIM’s BlackBerry and some OS that didn’t survive the gruesome competition are Nokia’s Symbian OS and Bada OS. To be precise Nokia’s Symbian OS served us well but, they didn’t improvise well enough as compared to iOS and Android who adapted to the market conditions seamlessly, catering to every individual’s needs, bring creative ideas to life and leaving people speechless. Surprisingly, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry don’t have much impact on the users and as evident their combined market share is diminutive compared to that of the top two. While both Apple and Android deliver the technology that keeps us comfortably connected on the go, they go about it differently altogether. Apple has become more of a style statement than being a brilliant phone, where Android is more inclined towards user satisfaction. Getting familiar with those differences will give you a clearer picture of which platform offers what you need.

Under the Hood

A device’s hardware is undeniably the biggest differentiator between Android and Apple. A smartphone’s OS will have a great impact on how you use the device, as it controls the phone’s overall functionality. What is great about with Apple phones is that what you see is what you get; the user interface is the same on each of the models present.

On the other hand, Android allows modification by the manufacturer as it is an open source software. These modifications can vary heavily and often changes completely the look and feel of an android phone. This is where in my opinion Android has an edge over Apple; Apple’s OS is not open to modifications of any sorts. While Apple’s software looks clean and unquestionably the best in the market, Android Can’t beat that.

Application for OS

There have been a lot of debates about which OS has the best App Store with the biggest selection of apps in the market right now. The two platforms have hundreds of thousands to choose from, the actual numbers don’t really matter. That’s because each store reached its critical mass long ago; Both the platforms provide the most popular and in-demand apps from big app making companies. However, there are some apps that are exclusively available on Apple store, just like some games are not available on Xbox but are only available in PS3.

Multimedia and More

When it comes to multimedia, Apple iOS shines. Integration with iTunes provides swift and convenient access to new media that you can instantly download, while iCloud provides a central portal to manage all of your media on all of your Apple devices whether it is an Iphone, Ipad or an Ipod. Android offers something similar through Google Play, but if you’re already an iTunes user you may find transferring songs and videos hassle rejoicing.

Apple has been around for a long time and made name for themselves for their superbly stylish and futuristic ideas which shows distinctively on every single device. As for Android, the platform vaunts an array of devices and has no shortfalls that can’t be fixed by third party apps. If you are looking for something vivid and want something other than Apple’s traditional hallmark flavor, Android may be the right mobile OS for you.

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