A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Your Website’s Performance


A website’s performance cannot be judged by how it looks, but there are various other criteria’s.

Whenever, we attend a client’s query, we always ask them are they satisfied with their website performance. Anybody who runs an online business should consider the following aspects to be able to answer this question:

  1. Traffic on the website
  2. Conversion through traffic
  3. Increased stay time
  4. Sales through marketing campaigns directed to website

There are many ways by which you can ensure that all the above things happens for you. This guide will make you rethink your strategy.

  1. Create an active landing page

Diverting traffic to your homepage may not reap you benefits like a customer call, sign up, download or sale. But if you create a proper landing page, it will be more beneficial and will result in more conversions.

Let’s take an example. If you are an online fashion accessories store and you are selling all kinds of accessories but want handbags to sell, then you should direct all the marketing campaigns to your handbag landing page and not the homepage. In this way you are cutting out the middleman.

  1. Right content

We can’t emphasize enough the value that content brings with itself. Posting valuable content containing tips, how to, features of a product you are selling, benefits of services etc. regularly is a must. Do not forget to back the content you post on other sites with the same relevant content on your website.

  1. Call to action is a must

May it be your website or your Facebook page, providing a call to action button is very important. It does not make sense if you have an e-commerce portal and your buy now button is not visible. Make it a point to make buy now button visible or any other call to action like sign up, newsletter etc. as a matter of fact.

  1. Improve your message

A homepage is a window through which a customer can see what lies ahead. A cluttered message may stop your potential customers from entering the pages you want them to. Thus using clean design, bold fonts, interesting images and more importantly the correct links to the product page will increase the chances of conversion

  1. You are not converting if they aren’t coming back

Studies suggest that first time visitors seldom make a purchase. It is the returning customer that actually buys from you. Thus giving the customers something to come back to is very important. This can be easily achieved by:

  1. Practical and useful content
  2. Regular blog postings
  3. Social media updates
  4. Sending newsletters periodically
  5. E-mail marketing
  6. Press releases


Your website is an asset and if you are following these steps it will reap you benefits for sure. If there are any aspects that are not been covered yet, make it a point to tweak your strategy.

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  1. business marketing
    4th May 2017

    I enjoy reading through an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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