5 More Ways to Immediately Improve Your SEO

In the previous blog I shared five ways to instantly improve your SEO; here are five more tips that can help you for the same.

Few more points to improve SEO quickly

  1. Contact Us Page: Websites that display more contact information is considered to be more genuine and trust-worthy and hence may rank higher in search engines.
    Adding a Contact Us page on your website allows better user experience and gives the desired information about your website. Also put a link in the navigation to further enhance your customers’ experience. This would not only satisfy your customer’s quest, but also earn you some Google juice.
  2. Mobile Optimization: Lately, Google has started penalizing sites that are not mobile-optimized by bringing down their search engine ranking. Now a day, more and more users are consuming content on their mobile devices and therefore if content is not mobile optimized it will affect user experience and conversion. Several researches have shown that executives use their mobile devices to search for a product for their business. Undoubtedly the number of users using the internet on mobile devices has surpassed the number using desktop.
  3. Social Media Sharing: The more you share the more people will reach you. Installing social sharing button on the website is very important. It not only makes users share your content, but also help you rank higher on searches. Researches have shown that sharing and liking has boosted the traffic on several sites.
  4. Broken Links: Broken links are a bad sign for your website. It not only makes for bad usability but is also considered as old, neglected site by Google.
    You don’t need to go to every single page and see whether the page is free from broken links rather there are several apps and tools which can easily make sure that your website is free from any broken links.
  5. Readability: Keeping the content simple is the best way to engage more audience on your website. Even if your audience is well-educated, you need to make sure to keep your content as simple and easy to read as possible. I am sure you don’t want your audience to run away to another site just because your content is a bit difficult to digest. So why not keep it simple and readable?

These were the next five useful SEO tips followed by top seo services consultant that will help you as well to improve your website usability and increase your search engine ranking.

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