3 Take Away For Top Digital Marketing Agency For 2015


As we prepare to leave 2014 behind for good, we should start anticipating what lies next for the digital agencies in 2015. Digital marketing is an ever evolving industry with new trends coming up every year.

For a top digital agency, the 3 most important things to consider in 2015 are as follows

  1. Mobile and Responsive Web Design
    Generally known as RWD, responsive web design is very important for the year 2015. The latest Google update makes mobile web speed of prime important. Matt Cutts, who added the desktop download time as an indicator in 2010, mobile web experience is key to a site’s ranking in this mobile computing era. If the page can be loaded within one second, it will load much better than the other sites. Make sure that the site is mobile friendly and this will, in turn, make sure that you are ranking higher than your competitors. If your site is still using Flash, then its time to overhaul it as Flash is going out for good.
  2. Content Marketing
    Many people claim that content marketing is the new SEO. Although this is not true as SEO will still need backlinking and other technical points to be covered, content marketing is surely taking the most attention from the SEO strategists. What were once grey-hat, are now black-hat, e.g. directory submission. Instead, appeal to the human side of the visitor. As more voice based and natural language searches coming up, Google is also giving preference to the sites which offer more value to the visitors, including readability, fresh content and popularity of the content. If you start by trying to impress the visitors to your site, Google will surely be impressed. When Google notices that people love coming to your site and the conversion rate is significantly high, they will move it up the ranking ladder.
  3. New Strategies
    More and more companies will place more importance on SEO and start to grow their own in-house SEO facilities which will be a threat to the top digital agency, for sure. This is why you must stay one step ahead of the competition by improving your creative and technical sides continuously and simultaneously. For example, a blog must have content, social media popularity and multiple formats of content to earn quality links. This holistic marketing strategy is here and will stay for a long time to come.

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