3 Magic Content Marketing Formulas to Captivate Your Customers


Watching customers lined up for your product is the best thing that can happen to your business. Though it’s not quite easy yet a clear strategy and some hard work can help you create magical results for the business.

Here I have listed some magical formulas to use content marketing to sell. Let’s take a look:

Mindfully Plan

Whenever you build a strategy, the first thing in process is planning. Everything follows the plan. For instance, if you want to cook something, you first need to read out the whole recipe and then start cooking. Similarly here, you first need to mindfully plan all your content to paint a bigger picture and encourage your customers to purchase your products.

If you want to write better, the fastest way is to know what to write, select the topic, do some research and then put words together. You can also ask questions to yourself for example:

  1. What is the topic?
  2. How will you relate your content to your business goal?
  3. What steps you want to take to create the content?

Ask the Right Questions

This is the next magical formula which is often overlooked. You need to constantly ask a few questions to your customers. Take a note of the questions as follows:

  1. What do the customers want, what are their needs?
  2. Are your customer’s problems being solved by you?
  3. What are their views about you and your business?
  4. How can you help your customers?

Remember as a content marketer, you need to listen more than you speak.
Explore the Gap

Be it any platform, exploring you’re the gap between where your customers are now and where can they can with your help is quite vital. You can easily explore the gap by asking the questions as follows:

  1. How much time you’ve wasted because of this problem?
  2. What if your problem suddenly gets solved?
  3. How is not solving the problem hampering you?
  4. What if the problem gets solved forever? How much worth it would be to you?

These are the magical ways to write convincing content that would engage your customers and help you sell your products easily. Now, Get The Influencers Of Your Industry Work For You, For Free

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