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10+ Years of Experience used to create a 360° Digital Marketing Strategy mix with knowledge of 5000+ Past Campaigns run for 600+ Clients from 13+ Countries are Key to our Marketing Success!


We Create Great Digital Marketing Performance


Digital Marketing Company

We Create Measurable Digital Strategies, Creatives & Campaigns



Digital Marketing Company

We Create Great Digital Marketing Performance


With 10+ Years of Leadership in SEO Services with our own 54+ keywords ranking top on Google in 13+ countries and still growing.
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Boost your social media communication & engagement by up to 90% with yearly growth commitment of up to 5 million new users.
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Ensuring up to 600% visitors growth by running programmatic ads & PPC ads on top 3 spots as well as saving almost 24% of your ad budget.
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Pay for Performance email marketing program, choose CPA, CPS, CPL models & pay for results only, delivering committed Leads and Sales.
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600% traffic growth possible

9000+ daily website visitors possible

86% lead growth possible

CTR growth 33x of industry standard

24% rise in ad clicks in same budget

3x revenue growth of each $1 ad spend

Leaders in 3 business segments diversifying our company and team strength

Digital Marketing Consultation

It’s our core service expertise and focus to get your brand placement, awareness and visibility online.

Digital Marketing Training

It’s our forte to provide digital marketing training to individuals and corporate to hone their skills & be competitive online.

Political Campaigns

It’s our expertise to set up and manage large political campaigns ensuring right social message and political agenda at regional or national level.


We Create Measurable Digital Strategies, Creatives & Campaigns

Generating results with passion & relative digital marketing expertise since 2013

Passionate by the desire to discover.

Achieving by clubbing our unique marketing strategy and account planning to find a brand’s true capability.
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    Website and app designing
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    Digital Placement strategy & Traffic Generation
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    Lead Conversion & Recurring Sales
How we do it?
Adbot™ India core focus is to generate revenue out of marketing spent making marketing a helping solution to boost sales funnel. We posses both, the technology and the brain to raise your brand among the top league of industry. Team expertise in market analysis, gap findings, new ideas, creativity, innovations and experiments in digital marketing services helps our clients to achieve success. In social media marketing we have proficiency in publicizing your brand high on engagement; if it is SEO services we are the one making our clients lead on Google search results on high traffic keywords; and if it is online advertising, we are reaching out to your target audience profoundly which will be evident through your improved conversion rates. Experience the toast of creative social media campaigns, high traffic keywords ranking and budget-centric online advertising, via engaging with us. We are an acclaimed digital marketing agency in India, possessing few of the best digital marketing and advertising brains developed and possessed over several years of time period. We create performing ads by utmost strategy math for your brands, ad servers, and audiences and re-target the hottest leads for your business again and again. Creativity is our stronghold, that you can gauge in our digital advertising and social media campaigns, which have quick viewer’s attention and prolonged brand recall. Adbot™ core value as an organization is performance based marketing, making our client’s online business endeavor a success story. The results are enough to convince and pop-up our name as rewarding referrals and strong establishment as your preferred digital marketing agency.
Serving All Business Sizes
Our healthy and diverse client culture will convince you with the diversity of digital marketing projects we handle. We are serving many of the top bliss corporate operating in service industry, travel, ecommerce, ticketing, sports, fashion, entertainment, finance, information technology, healthcare, medical, publishing and immigration. We listen to your requirements and goals and customize our services to provide you with the best and desired business result that is maximum ROI. We preferably serve start-ups, entrepreneurs and smaller companies helping them to hunt down their big dream and touch new business heights. This practice well satisfies our hunger to take new challenges and learn and strategize new business and service verticals. Every website project is addressed by required web professionals with similar integrity to focus on the client’s specific digital marketing needs. This also enables us to handle big budget websites as well as low budget websites with higher performance level. Whether your business is small or big, you will be addressed with the likewise service accountability.
Our Service Forte
SEO services, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing are our major forte in which we lead our own segment with USP services for our global clientele which no other digital marketing company can offer. Our USP in SEO marketing is to get quickest ranking results with stable ranking over time and "No Google Penality Lifelong". We are leading digital marketing related 51+ keywords in 9+ countries for ourselves so you can guess the results for our clients. Our USP in PPC marketing is to run ads on top 3 spots within a week no matter if your competitors budget is 10x times more as well as getting upto 24% lower bidding rate for same keywords saving a massive chunk of your budget. Our USP in Social media management services is to get best of the creatives done as well as generate leads from Facebook advertising at lowest rates possible. Apart from these our minor services are too at par with standard digital marketing requirements as we are among 1st agency to deploy and work on Google cloud servers, right now 80% of clients we handle have been migrated to Google cloud servers for best website speed. Email marketing campaigns we have the best results generating leads and committed sale conversion percentage.
Why Adbot™?
Adbot™ is the leader in managing large scale digital ads and online marketing campaigns. Our product inventory includes full featured ad serving, behavioral targeting, ad network optimization, rich media ad formats and ad delivery & placement technology. We are excelling in exploitation of complete digital marketing channels for optimal advertising, branding and marketing of your brand. We have an edge in strategizing online marketing campaigns by employing the right online marketing tools. Our core digital marketing expertise encompasses online advertising, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, online PR, commercial ad shoots and mobile apps. We empower your brand to get maximum online exposure and magnetize your targeted customers to visit your website and buy products. We are the foremost digital marketing agency in handling large scale Facebook ads, Google ads, display ads and social media campaigns. We provide dedicated account managers for large scale advertisers to run and manage their ad campaigns. Our service verticals include social media marketing, SEO services, online advertising, mobile advertising, email marketing, illustration, animation, software and android application. We boost your brand presence online with effective advertising, engaging branding, and robust digital marketing.

Why Adbot™ As Your Digital marketing Agency?

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    10+ Years of Leadership in Digital Marketing & SEO Services
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    Our Own Top Ranking on 54+ Keywords beating other SEO Companies
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    Adbot Tops Ranking in 13+ Countries & still growing on Digital marketing agency, Online Ads, SEO Services Company related keywords, beating Local SEO Agencies
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    In Last 6 Years Non Client Project has Suffered Google Penalties
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    We are recommended agency for Performing Ads, Quality Content & Stunning Creatives
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    Our Average Clients Age is 2.4 Years, Highest Retention Rate in Digital Marketing Industry

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