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Many people are surprised to know that YouTube is the second largest engine. A lot of people tend to use Youtube as a search engine to search for what they need or require. The content available on this site is in the form videos. YouTube is indeed bigger and better than yahoo and other sites. Therefore it is important for businesses and large brands to formulate strategies for YouTube optimization.

Earlier very few people used YouTube as a search engines but with the revolution in time many people have started using and uploading videos on Youtube which has made YouTube SEO as important as website SEO. By hiring best SEO Services Company in India, one can optimize their youtube video and move their ranking up in the search result pages.

Two most powerful YouTube SEO measures are as follows:

  • CC button (Closed caption): YouTube has turned on the ability to add full closed captions to videos with the introduction of Speed Recognition Technology. The videos on YouTube include a “CC” button that, which when pressed, will automatically generate the caption in sync with the video. It is amazing how Youtube does this and this is the reason they are no. 1 in the market. So a video on a topic with CC outranks the video on the same topic with no CC.
  • Include keyword in the file name: For instance if you are uploading a video about “ Benefits of Exfoliation “ then your file name should include the keywords like “benefits” and “exfoliation”. If your file name includes keyword then there is a better chance that your video is about what the keyword says.

Considering that YouTube streams more than 1.2 billion videos every day, the SEO Services Company in India provides better and greater optimization options to the leading brands and businesses.

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