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Top Three Google AdWords Tips from the Experts

With Google AdWords, advertisers can easily start best PPC campaigns on Google. These AdWords also helps advertisers promote their business locally and grab the attention for the customers with the products that they have been searching for. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google gets money from search.

We strongly recommend every business to become AdWords certified so that they could manage campaigns for their business. Another way is to work with the Google ad agency until you have clear knowledge about it.

Here are three smart tips to fast track your AdWords learning experience

  1. Follow AdWords best practices
    When you follow the AdWords best practices, Google would regard your content as being better, and creating great user experience. Google certainly rewards the advertisers who follow best practices with enhanced Ad placement for less money.
    The basic idea behind AdWords best practices is to take a keyword and match it with the content in the ad, with the headline and copy being associated with each other. Moreover the landing page should also be relevant to the headline and the copy used in the ad. This would certainly create an enhanced user experience where users would get exactly what they have been searching for and hence they would click on the ad.
  2. Maximize quality score
    Quality score refers to how Google measures your value as an advertiser. Since the more click an ad gets, the more money Google has been making, therefore Google holds those advertisements in a higher position, as Google would make more money from those ads. Besides being great for Google, it’s great for the advertiser too. When your ad shows up more, you receive more clicks and hence you are able to sell more of your products, thereby making more money.
  3. AdWords keyword planner
    It’s a powerful free tool that most of the people aren’t aware of or don’t know how to use it. Find it here how you can use this tool.
  • Estimating monthly search volume: before you use a keyword, make sure that you know its monthly search volume. Avoid using keywords having very few searches as it won’t reap you great profits.
  • Finding new keywords: Use this planner to find new ideas for keywords to target.
  • Suggested bids: Keyword planners can help you know how much should you bid on a particular keyword. The suggested bid value would help you determine the most feasible keywords as per your budget.

Everything mentioned above would be of great help to you when using Google advertising services. We’re sure that you would feel more confident about Google AdWords after reading all that we’ve discussed above. So get going and get in touch with a certified Google AdWords professional for any further assistance you may need.

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