Tiffany Jewellery Features Same Sex Couple in Ad campaign, First Time in History


Famous Jewellers Tiffany & co is featuring a gay couple as model, for the first time, in an ad campaign. The campaign is named as “Will You” and the shots are by famous photographers Peter Lindbergh. Total seven shots have been released by the company.

One of the images is being widely p raised for showing same sex couples. The pair is a real life couple and they have been shown sitting on a New York City, confirmed Linda Buckley, Tiffany spokesperson. The campaign wants to show that love can come from anywhere, she said, nowadays, the straight path to marriage is no longer straight. True love can happen many times and you can not guess where it might come from.

The 178 years old jeweller is known for the little blue boxes. They also claim that it is the first ad which depicts same-sex couples. However, other brands have previously used same sex couples in promotional materials, like banana republic and Target.

Another image shows a couple on their wedding day while holding their baby which is an approval of having a baby before marriage. The remaining images show couples in different romantic settings including on a hone sofa, on rooftop and driving in a convertible.

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