The Evolution of SEO from Stone Age to 21st Century


SEO was shaped to the present form after Google’s update “Florida”

The world of SEO as we know is drastically changing. The ascension of content marketing, the advanced consumer decision cycle, and most importantly Google’s continuously evolving landscape are changing the way we perceive search, social media, consumers and content.

Ever wondered when links and content became an influential part of SEO?

At the beginning, the aspects of SEO were entirely different as a major Google index update would take up several months to complete. Cross linking was detected by search engines, so this made our SEO ancestors to look for new hunting techniques and they discovered that navigational structure, link text and well structured page titles have a major impact on rankings.

There have been many developments since the start of SEO; everything is not the same as it was before. Everybody’s understanding of SEO has changed due to advancement in technology as well as learning from mistakes and observation. The major deciding point which has shaped the SEO scenario today was the Google’s update “Florida”. In an unprecedented move, Google made massive changes to its algorithms to combat web Spam, in the process wiping many genuine websites from the SERPs at the same time.

In a continuing pattern of releasing major algo updates, “Jagger” happens. Jagger targets the strategy of sending unsolicited link exchanges and starts a trend that will see the anchor text diminish in importance due to its easy manipulation. Jagger is followed shortly by “Big Daddy”, an infrastructure update that allows Google to better process the context of links between sites.

In our search for propinquity and comfort, lifestyle and mobile technology change at the same pace. The results returned by Google on our mobile devices are being personalized according to our current location.

In such an advanced SEO era, it’s easy to fall into the over-optimization and keyword filling trap. Nonetheless, you definitely don’t want this with so many penguins and pandas waiting just around the corner. Many SEO services company have bared the brunt of major updates by Google, and if you are looking for a company, which ensures adherence to the updates, you should consider a company which has a lot of experience.

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