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Ten Quick Ways to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page


Different people will suggest you different ways of getting more likes on your Facebook page. And often many of them can be fake and not legit. If you search ways on Google, you will get billions of answers to it. However you need to a right research to get on the right path. You may be thinking that if you should buy Facebook likes or not. Honestly, buying likes will get you nowhere in fact, it would actually ruin your page and the amount of organic likes you achieved earlier.

Nevertheless, we would recommend you some ways that are free of cost and will help you gain more likes on your Facebook page. One of the ways to get through it is sharing great and relevant content. When your fans get to read some good stuff, they definitely share and like it. However, getting more shares and likes is a challenging task.

Here are some quick ways to get more shares and likes. Let’s go through them.

Be consistent

You must at least post once in a day. If you are getting great engagement, you should start posting more often. The more you will post, the better engagement you would get. However, make sure to post relevant content, images and infographics, as once your viewers will find something useless on your page, they are more likely to unlike it and leave. So post frequently, but post sensibly.

Time it right

There is always a right time to do something. So make sure that you use post planner to plan out the best time to post. Obviously there is no such thing as “magic time”, but you should know what you are targeting at so post accordingly.

Use attractive images

Images are the most shared piece of content on Facebook, therefore make the most of it to get more likes on your page. Use images that are eye-catching and relevant for your users.

Keep it short and precise

Now a day, no one has the time to read a full length content, people like reading either short content or they focuses on just the headlines of your content. So keep your content valuable and precise. The quicker it is to read, the more likely people will read and share it.

Be relevant

Your content must be so informative and related to your users, that they are forced to think that you know them. Understand your user’s perspective and write accordingly.

Use authentic voice

Don’t fake on Facebook, as your users like you for what you are. So provide them with the authentic voice and be true to your brand.

Include a call to action button

If you ask your fans to like your page, they are more likely to like and share it. So incorporate a call to action button to make it easy for your users.

Be creative

Try involving with your audience with some creative stuff like promotions, contests and quiz. This will deepen users’ involvement with your brand and business.

Be entertaining

Take note of what your audiences respond to. If they like funny videos and memes, use that type of media to get more reach, likes and shares.

Offer value

Last but not the least, before you share anything on your Facebook page ask yourself if that will provide value to your users or not.

We hope, you must have found our list of ways useful and relevant. Please try doing what we have mentioned above and see the result yourself. Good luck!

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