Some Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Channel Organically


Well did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, Google being the most popular. It is hard to imagine the YouTube is regarded as one of the most popular search engines among so many other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Over 1 billion people browse videos on YouTube every month, that is just mind-blowing how much YouTube has grown over the years and how many people visit it to watch videos. Moreover over 100 hours’ worth of videos is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. It’s fascinating how many people engage on YouTube to watch and upload videos. Numerous Brands, Artists and marketers have adopted YouTube marketing as an effective medium to engage with their customers through videos. As evident, more and more brands and businesses are spending a fortune on YouTube advertising, but sadly only a few campaigns are optimized correctly for SEO. Here are some tips to optimize your YouTube channel effectively.

Decent optimized title which is relevant to video

Did you know, the title of your video is the most important aspect of your campaign that drives traffic to your video/channel? So, selecting carefully the title of your video is vital to your campaign. Always try to find an interesting and specific title that is less than 70 words.

Description of your video

People often write absurd video descriptions on YouTube without realizing that description should be apt as they help you get higher ranking on YouTube as well as on search results. Moreover, keep in mind to use a minimum of 160 characters.

Specific keywords for your video

Finding appropriate keywords is one of the most important part of your video optimization campaign. Hence, the keyword research will help you to identify the best performing keyword among other selected keywords for your video. The keyword that is performing the best, you can use it to engage better with the audience.

If you haven’t been utilizing these tips don’t be afraid, if you start doing things right now you can still do much better. These tips will ensure your videos/channel gets higher ratings.

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