Some Tips to Tweet Effectively


Tweeting is all about gaining attention, posting images and views that attracts people. Unfortunately, only chosen few twitter users have influence over twitter 0.11% to be exact. So to be precise only a few relish the privilege to be at the top.

So to be in the top number of people who influence the crowd what does it take?

Well finding your niche and voice is one way to go. This is what will inspire thousands of people that are complete strangers to follow you, engage with you and more importantly recommend you to others. Find the topics you are passionate about that you have good knowledge about. This can be anything ranging from sports to books that you read, anything at all. Also, Twitter is a very effective site to promote your business through Twitter Marketing. If you have many people in your friend list and a large number of people are following you it is easy to advertise your product and attain wide reach.

Define your voice, it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it. The way you portray yourself matters a lot.

Posting images help a lot, you get approximately 35% retweets.

Ask fluent questions, on an average questions derive interactions, and increase your involvement. Keep in mind that your questions are relevant, engaging and exciting. Engage in actual conversations; contribute to topic discussion by bringing something new to the table. On twitter people are caught up tweeting images and commenting, but the main purpose of Twitter is to make connections with people who are like minded to grow your business.

Another smart decision is to post at peak hours, the best time to tweet are at midday and in the early evening. Moreover, make efforts to tweet regularly, but not too often. Tweeting 4 times a day is ideal, relevant and interesting tweets should be your goal. In addition, be sure to retweet your own posts if you feel that they were lost in a horde of tweets and were given no attention. Also exploit hash tags as Twitter is a wonderful platform for open discussions and marketing.

Following these simple tips will help you to create a name for yourself on twitter; People will follow you and engage with you. Use this one of the effective social media marketing to enhance your twitter page and profiles.

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