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Some Tips for Creating Viral Content and Attract More Audience


Everybody has a different perception of “how to create viral content”, some of them are spot-on and some are no way near. How to create content that wins on the websites? Well here are some tips for creating viral content.

While commencing a viral content campaign it is important to start with the right type of content. Several publishers want a finished product without any suggestions, people pitch writers, who can provide them with complete products like infographics, videos etc. without giving any input of their own. Relying on somebody else’s imagination for your benefit is substandard. Rather than pitching a finished product, find new ways to collaborate with experienced writers, so that there is a sense of originality in the content. Provide the writer with frequent ideas according to his need that allows you to help with the research and design of the product.

Nowadays, you can’t create dreary infographics full of outdated data 2-3 years old. Creating outdated or overdone infographics will put off readers and ultimately you will loose audience. Instead try to find ways to use survey tools or take advantage of your own internal database to source information that is hardly known to anyone. There you have it, just mold this data into a unique angle that appeals to a broader audience, and you’ll be taking a step ahead of your competition, simple isn’t it?

Viral Content Stimulates Strong Positive Emotions

A research study suggested that viral content stimulates positive emotions, rather than negative emotions. Some of the viral emotions included are: interest, surprise, delight, joy and hope. Some may say that viral content is strongly correlated to positive emotions. If the write up rouses aforementioned positive emotions, it is more likely to go viral.

Surprise is a Common Occurrence in Viral Content

Surprise is the prerequisite for viral content. It has been observed that emotions that fit into the surprise and anticipation section were remarkably common in highly viral content. Specifically: curiosity, amazement and astonishment. When introducing something new and amazing in your content, you are more likely to activate these emotions.

These tips will help you to create viral content in no time if you follow them correctly. This type of Content is also Useful For your SEO service providers. It can help them to attract more and more traffic to your website. Its up to you, how do you use unique content to spread the word about your business or services.

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