Some SEO Developments that Have Emerged in 2014


It is essential that every business with a respectable online presence knows the SEO trends that are emerging. SEO tactics are dynamic and before you know it, they switch to some other tactic; it is tough to keep up if you are not aware. Here at Adbot India we keep track of such developments. So, with half of year 2014 over, it is the perfect chance to review how SEO tactics have changed this year till now and whether your business adhered to those rules and is up to date or not. The main principles never change of SEO but some minor aspects change radically.

Here are some SEO trends that are prevailing for the year 2014 that will help ensure that your SEO efforts aren’t wasted.

Content is still the king.

As mentioned earlier the main principles haven’t changed and content is one of them, it is the king and will remain king forever. In fact, a well written content with decent vocabulary and without plagiarism still prevails and contributes a whole lot of a company’s SEO. Furthermore, inforgraphics and videos can be used to earn higher engagement which improves the SEO value.

Social media has become crucial.

Well, it’s true that your content/posts on social media websites won’t do justice to your rankings, still having a presence on social media websites contributes to your SEO efforts. Moreover, it is imperative that your website consists of a social sharing option so that it is easy to share your Online Advertising Agency‘s content on social media websites by people who visited your website and liked the information and as a result, feel like sharing it with their friends.

Let’s take into account Google + which offers more value than just helping your content to attain better rankings in search results. Noticeably, Google + has become a requirement for your SEO plan in the year 2014. More importantly, if you have an informative content in your Google + profile it is more likely that Google will pull it from Google +, which rapidly increases the reach of the content, believe it or not that aids your SEO strategy.

There are several other aspects to keep in mind like link building and branding, which must be utilized effectively. In addition, reaching out to PR for reaching people is a vital part of establishing a business’ SEO presence.

These are some tactics to keep in mind for the year 2014 for enhancing your SEO plan.

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