Social Media Marketing

Social Media Engagement Simplified

People Based Marketing solution of Adbot™ engage your audience over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Many Others & Get

3X Engagement
5X Branding
2X Sales Enquiry
4X Brand Awareness

Social media marketing solution at Adbot™ empowers global clientele to excel at the social media platforms engrossing audience, maximize branding and achieve their marketing goal.

We accelerate your social media marketing activities by delivering your brand and marketing message as posts, images, video, links, presentations, articles, news, short stories, questions, podcasts, etc. to your prospects. Over time, due to all these social media activities your prospects become aware of your brand building trust to make purchase decision in your favor or solve your marketing goal.

Our Facebook-Twitter creative campaign success rate is of


Our social media services meant for social media optimization, profile enrichment, social media interaction, social advertising and social campaign tracking.

Social media marketing confusion – so many social networks, so many things to do and so many tools, but we have simplified the way it meant for your brand or company.

Social media marketing has emerged as the instant and the most reliable traffic source to your website. With millions of customers spending their quality time on these social media sites makes it an imperative online marketing platform for every brand and business. Social media sites have entirely changed the money game of branding, customer acquisition, and sales. Now any one can build their brand, acquire new customers and drive enormous sales without spending lots of money on advertising and marketing. It is the best marketing ground for small businesses & start-ups. Millions of users and their average time spent make it equally beneficial for mid-size organizations to big corporate houses. Social media is the best channel to interact with your customer directly and share sentiments, news, new product launches, seasonal discount offers, festive offers, clearance sale, discount coupons, useful information, company news and other promotional activities.

Our robust content strategy on social media involves tips, guides, cartoons, info, how to posts, lists, short stories, charts, quotes, videos and more…

Social media sites are being widely used as customer care and sales platform. The real time user interaction enables companies to seek the user sentiment about a brand or product, resolve their queries and after sales problems, and encourage users to buy a product. E-commerce sites and travel portals are amongst the highest gainer in terms of sales lead through social media networks. Other business segments are equally reaping the benefit of customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

Social media marketing has grown as an imminent part of your branding, lead generation and sales…


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