Much Awaited Facebook “DISLIKE” Button Might Soon Be Reality


When Facebook first introduced “LIKE” button, people went bonkers over it. They appreciated this feature and starting using it by liking various posts, pictures, pages uploaded by their near and dear ones. But with the revolution in time, more and more people demanded a newer and interesting update in Facebook. A “DISLIKE” button has been constantly requested by some users since the introduction of the now-iconic “LIKE” button in 2009. For this reason, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company is finally working on a much desired feature: a “DISLIKE” button. This feature can add delight to Facebook marketing and reap positive response or it can also go against it.

Dislike Button- Like or dislike?

Some people voiced the necessity of having a “dislike” button as it allows people to express empathy over a situation or a post. Not every moment is a good moment as Zuckerberg said. If somebody is trying to share something sad, be it a crisis that touches your heart or demise of a loved one, one may not be comfortable to like that post said Zuckerberg. He further added that it is vital to give people more options than just LIKE, as a quick way to express concern over a post and relate to the situation.

Contrary to this, some users suggested to add a “sympathy” button rather than “dislike” button or a thumps down. According to them, the “dislike button” can be used to express negative emotions or frustration on a friend’s picture or post. This pretty blunt implement can cause negativity on the social website and lead to resentment. Moreover it can force people to delete their account in frustration.

The mixed reaction by various users suggests the company to find a middle way out. Zuckerberg added “it may not necessarily be named dislike or be represented with a thumb down.” With the persistent debate on this news, the introduction of “dislike button” is still implicit.

One thing is for sure that very soon we will see some positive outcome in this area. So it will be very interesting to see how billions of Facebook users and professional Facebook marketing companies are going to react once this new feather will be added in the existing list of Facebook’s features.

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