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Is Penguin 4.0 Around? – Recent Google Algorithm Update September 2016


Google has made several changes in the search algorithms each year. While most of the changes remain to be minor, Google rarely brings out a major algorithmic update that affects search results majorly.

Is a significant Google search update happening?

Recently the SEO world has experienced a significant change which is quite unusual and rarely do such changes take place. Several commentators have reported this change to have happened on 1st or 2nd September 2016. But exactly has changed is not yet confirmed. Google has not yet confirmed the update, but based on vigorous talking of the SEO community, it is certain that an update is happening.

While Google has not yet commented on this news, many experts are convinced that two different updates took place within twenty-four hours. The most significant update seems to be around Core Web Search. The second update was perhaps around Local Ranking in Google, this is seen as one of the biggest changes in a long time according to what SEO discussions reported.

Google core search ranking update

As Google has still not commented on the update that seems to be happening, this in itself is causing further debate among the general search community. However, it is certain that something has caused some significant changes to rankings and that it was observed across all industries and verticals.

Search ranking tracking tools also site an update, such as, Mozcast, SERP Metrics, Alogoroo, and Accuranker. In fact, Mozcast is presenting higher temperature than they have in a long time.

Google local pack ranking quality update

Most of the SEO experts believed that this change is related to a quality based on Google eliminating a lot of junk local results. Because it is due to removing a local result because of quality issues that could result in different local results ranking higher. However not everyone is convinced about this explanation as Google has still not said anything about these two updates.

Or it is something else?

If it was not an update, then what else could have caused this occurrence?

Amidst the speculations that were spreading around, three days later Google reported that a system error dropped all the search analytics data from 1st September to 6th September. However, while a few experts were still trying to explain it, others were quick to notice that this issue could not be related to the fluctuations in rankings that took place.

Moreover, Google confirmed that the much talked about update was not related to Penguin whatsoever. Google’s John Mueller stated on both YouTube and Twitter that the rumored update the SEO community is chattering about is not related to the Penguin algorithm.

Again, everything depends on Google will state and we are still waiting for an answer from Google on such an unusual change that took place at the beginning of the month September 2016. If you have seen a sudden fall of your ranking in September 2016 then contact us to get a free SEO audit to validate if your site got hit by Penguin 4.0 update.

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