How to Use Social Media Services for Your Customer Service?

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While social media can be used for complaining or giving negative feedback about your brand, contrariwise it can also be used for reaping compliments from the customers. You can use social media services to reach out large audiences, allowing them to give their opinion about your brand and services.

In order to take the best advantage of social media services for your business, you should first know how to integrate it to your customer support service

Invite your existing customers

Interact with your existing customers through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etcetera. Run a campaign, promotion or a contest to draw the attention of the customers. The more you hear to your customer’s compliments and complaints, the more they will interact with you.

Respond to your customer’s issues

You should plan how to handle complaints of the customers and open a platform where your customers can give you feedback regarding your brand and services. Respond to their complaints with a positive spirit and allow better relationship with them.

Provide perks for your Brand Ambassadors

Search for your brand’s social media influencers and reward them when they least expect it. Give them free samples or offer them tour packages, making them feel special.

Share compelling content

Use online platform to inform your customers about your products and services. Create quality content that please your audience and is relevant for them. It should be the aim of every brand to share useful content with their buyers.

Go beyond text

Other than plain text or content, share attractive visuals with your customers, making your page interactive and engaging. You can also encourage your customers get involved and participate by sharing content and images on your page.

Using social media services for the business can impact your brand big time. Use it to the fullest but make sure to handle it intelligently.Read more about Influencer marketing

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