How to Target Potential Clients on Facebook?


The popular ways to target a customer on Facebook are

  • Location: Find the country, city, state or the zip code. Careful with the city as with city, you can only target within the city or a 50 km radius around the city at maximum. So, if you are a flower seller in Jaipur, you can choose to target a 25 mile radius around it if you are ready to deliver within that area.
  • Demographic: As you can target by demography of the people. Such as age, education, gender, job, marital status and others, you can select people who are engaged or married, as your customers, especially around the Valentine’s Day.
  • Interests: You can check the people who are interested in flowers and floral things by checking if they follow the pages on these topics. Once you are decided, you can easily run your ad campaign on Facebook, targeting the popular pages on flowers to entice your potential customers.
  • Check the product purchase habit, financial status, browsing style and other cues of the buyers in your target market or just outside it. You can easily target those Facebook users who use flowers as display image or shares natural photographs frequently. However, as behavior targeting and interest targeting are not mutually exclusive, your ads will run for only those Facebook users who meet both the criteria, thus the number of impression will reduce. If branding is your major target then you should not use both type of targeting but if a sale is your idea then this campaign will give you higher percentage of conversion.
  • Custom audience, re-marketing and email campaign: You might see that although you are seeing lots of traffic in your website, you are not converting them into actual buyers while a sale is your major concern and not branding. To chase these bouncing visitors, you need to enable re-marketing so Facebook ads will start showing for these users irrespective of what they are browsing. Once you have enough leads, you can start your email campaign to convert the leads into substantial sales.

Sounds troublesome or easy? I can’t deny either feeling. It can be called easy as the campaigns are pretty straightforward to set up. But, to fine-tune the campaign, you need lots of experience and tons of time. If you think you are spending too much time and effort of Facebook advertising, it is high time that you hire a digital marketing agency who will take care of the campaigns on your behalf and to a better job at it.

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