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How to Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page?


Facebook is the largest growing social networking site and every brand on Facebook is there for a reason – to get more business. Of course, getting more business means different to different businesses as every business’s objective is different.

Well, for startups, the more likes you’re able to gain on your Facebook page the greater would the traffic on your page and hence allow more sales and more people will start trusting your brand, which can be very helpful in the long term.

Let’s first check out some simple and often neglected ways to get initial likes on your page.

  1. Invite your friends
  2. Ask your friends to invite their friends
  3. Add Facebook like box on your website
  4. Start your posting schedule and stick to it
  5. Use Facebook as your own page

Having said that, it’s time to know how to go ahead from there and increase your reach so as to entice more and more followers.

  1. Post valuable content
    Don’t just post for the sake of posting or if you haven’t posted in a day rather make sure to post only quality content on your page. You readers will only be attracted if they get to read something useful and not crappy. If you post a crappy content, you may lose your existing followers too.
  2. Organize contests and use giveaways
    In order to get more traffic and likes on your Facebook page you need to organize some valuable contests that immediately grab the interest of your existing followers as well as entice more potential readers to like your page. Also give some samples for free to your readers in order to have them stick to your brand.
  3. Post at the best time
    Post at the best time so that your post gets maximum exposure. Find out the right time that can get you maximum likes and shares and combine those timings to create a perfect posting schedule and follow it.
  4. Use images
    If you wish to increase the number of likes on your page, then you need to produce engaging content in the form of images and memes that quickly draw people’s attention to your post, thereby increasing traffic on your page.
  5. Use share-for-share
    When you have used all other ways try this one. Find people sharing the same kind of content as yours and ask them to share yours. Don’t forget to tell them that you’ll share their content too.

These were some very useful ways to get Facebook likes and maximize reach of your facebook posts. You can follow these tips to entice more readers and increase your sales and draw more traffic on your site.

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