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Google Announced a New Ranking Signal: Mobile Friendliness


This update is very important for those who are running SEO services company in some part of the world.

Are you banking your SEO gains only on the strength of web friendliness of your website?

Not Anymore! Only owning a good website which is user friendly is not enough. Since there is a new inclusion of mobile as a platform for marketing and advertisement, thus it becomes essential to be mobile friendly as well. In this era of mobile dependent masses it is vital for attracting audience, using all different platforms. Additionally, as Google has announced most recently, that starting from that 21st April this year, there will be an expansion of mobile friendliness as ranking signals. So, it’s high time for all the SEO companies in India and abroad to prepare them in order to take a plunge into the depth of mobile friendliness.

But for any webmaster the hitch remains in the path, where they need to weigh in between a dedicated mobile site or a responsive design.

What is the difference between the two?

A dedicated mobile site is a process where a new website is created for a mobile platform. The whole site is designed as per the requirement and the space of the mobile platforms. Whereas in comparison a responsive website is designed as such that a same content of the website are enabled to adjust itself in different platforms be it a desktop, mobile, tablets and others. Other than this simple difference between both the processes is inflicted within its own pros and cons. In order to decide, it is essential for all the webmasters to assess these pros and cons.

The Pros and cons of both dedicated mobile site and responsive website:

  • Easy customization make it easier to navigate: A mobile allows less space in comparison to a desktop, thus, a webmaster has to keep in mind the content should be less. The navigation is easier. However unlike the previous one, a responsive website allows to project the same content as in any other platform including desktop.
  • Cost effectiveness: The mobile dedicated site initial designing cost is much cheaper than the responsive one. The responsive website requires to be built by using complex coding thus it incurs higher cost than the other. Nevertheless this should be kept in mind that the cost incurred for the creation of a responsive website in a onetime investment. As in case of dedicated mobile sites entails higher cost for updating the content of different websites.
  • Other aspects: Unlike the dedicated mobiles sites, the responsive ones are much easier to be updated with future contents. In case of dedicated sites linking is different from traditional link building. Furthermore it is definitely easier to build link for one site rather than two different one for different platforms.

This pros and cons have to be studied deeply by a webmaster before taking decision to select one of them. Additionally one should also keep in mind to keep the purpose of the particular website before it is created either responsive or a separate twin site is created that is mobile dedicated. So take your decision wisely!

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