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Get The Influencers Of Your Industry Work For You, For Free


Content promotion is not very difficult once you start to hijack the influencers of your competitors and let them do all the hard work for the promotion of your content. It is really easy and you should be a firm believer of smart work, instead of hard work, after you read this article on Adbot.

We will discuss the following points in this article.

  1. How to point out the influencers in your field
  2. How to check your direct competitors
  3. A trick
  4. How to use the influencers to your advantage
  5. How to get more social sharing, traffic and likes for your content

Work Smarter Not Harder

Have you ever published the most valued content in your field and yet saw nobody reading it or talking about it? That is the most frequent case and we have seen the same with lots of our clients.

There is a myth in the blogging community, if you create an awesome blog, people will come. However, this is not as true as you might think. The general rule of thumb is, whatever amount of effort you put in writing it, put 4 times the effort in promoting it.

So, you follow our advice and start promoting. You share it on all big social networking sites, email it to all your contacts and also submit them to the curating sites. I am sure a few visitors will come but surely not the ocean of traffic which your competitors see, nor your content will be socially shared or earn backlinks or have comments.

How on earth they get so many visitors and comments to every single post they publish? There is a little trick, of course.

They are not getting those visitors from their own efforts. In fact, we can bet safely that the influencers in that particular field is sending them the visitors. These influencers have large social following and one tweet or FB share from them can get thousands of visitors.

So, how to use these people to our advantage? If we want them to send equal amount of traffic to our blog, we must go to the root of the same.

Who are these influencers?

The best way to find out the influencers in any field is to check the people who are sharing the blog posts of your competitors. We can contact them and ask them to promote our contents as well, but first thing first, we need to identify them.

Our first tool which we have to use for this purpose is called Buzzsumo. Buzzsumo is a decent tool which searches for contents on the internet for the keyword you provide and shows you the trending posts on the web.

Let’s use Buzzsumo for a particular keyword or niche and let’s see who the major influencers in this field are. Set the search option to 6 months and click on the search button.

As you can see, a list of articles and blogs has come up in the searches which have the highest social sharing. If the result is too broad, use inverted comma around your keyword, just like in Google search. This will show you the result for exact match keywords. This can often lead to a better result.

Now, sort the result by total shares and now the blogs or articles with the highest shares will come to the top. In fact, you might recognise a few websites here as they are your competitors, in every possibility.

Let’s start at the top, as those have the highest shares. Click on view shares and this will bring up a list of all the influencers who have shared the post.

Now, sort the results again by reply ratio. This shows how likely or often they answer to a direct tweet on the Twitter. The higher this percentage is, the higher is your chance of getting a reply from them for your own direct tweet to them.

Open a spread sheet and start noting down the influencers’ names and Twitter ids. Whoever has a more than 30% reply ratio is really likely to reply to you.

Press the Back button and repeat this process on every post which you think is similar to the blog you are about to post.

The last thing you need to do is to copy the URL of all the blogs which are being popular and being shared a lot. This can be done from the content search page or the main page. Keep these URLs safe somewhere as we will need this in real near future.

The next tool which we will use is called Quicksprout. Quicksprout is really a popular site, especially very popular among SEO Services Company. Created by Neil Patel, this site is a must-go for many.

Our purpose is to grab the influencers from these popular sites. As we have the URLs with us, we can go to those sites and there is a high possibility that they have published other blogs as well which are really popular too, may or may not be in similar field.

Anyway, let’s go to Quicksprout and enter the first URL from our saved list. Once you have hit the search button, Quicksprout will bring some of the most interesting statistics for you. However, we are most interested in Social Media Analysis tab, so let us open it. It should look somewhat like the following screenshot.

Open a new Excel sheet and start copying all the URLs with the highest sharing. Do not grab the static pages such as home or our products, carefully select the blogs only. Now we will check these links and see which influencers shared these pages.

Now let’s go to Topsy and copy-paste one of the URLs we found on Quicksprout in the search box provided on Topsy. Tick the box called Influencers above the search box and search, press Enter!

This will bring up a list of all the people who have tweeted and re-tweeted that exact URL. You can opt for English only tweets as well. Now click on the Influential Only tab and this will show you the people who are responsive by nature and also are influential.

If you are checking out a highly popular blog, you will see hundreds of influential people who have shared the post. Contacting them can be a mammoth task so if there are too many influencers, we will select only those who are “highly influential”, according to Topsy. Highly influential people are those who have a really large following and one tweet from them can send huge traffic to your site.

Sadly, you can NOT sort this list by this tag, so you have to manually scroll and find the “highly influential” people by yourself. As you find one such person, immediately copy the name and the Twitter id of him or her in your existing influencers’ spreadsheet.

With this tedious job done, there is only one remaining step to identify the influencers who can really lift your blog to the sky!

Most of you already know It is probably the most popular URL shortener out there. You might have used it yourself as well.

However, there is one thing you don’t know about When someone shortens a link using, you can see the statistics of that content in You can check who exactly shared it and how many clicks it has resulted in.

Now, paste a URL from your collected URL to the box in Now, click on the Stats button. This stat might surprise you as this does not show you the result of what you just did but the statistics for the page as a whole, irrespective of who shortened the URL.

At the bottom, more surprise! You will see the top 6 people who drove the most traffic to this exact page. Click on each of these people and you will get more information on where did they share, the location of the traffic and so on.

As we are interested in seeing where they shared the URL and how many clicks came from each share, click on one of the 6 people.

You can see that the influencer has shared the link on Facebook and that has resulted in 48 clicks. But as there are more than 750 clicks, it is safe to assume that they have shared the link using their email which has caused great traffic as well. As to make someone, especially a stranger, to email your content to his contact list, concentrate mostly on social sharing. A hundred clicks aren’t that bad. Plus, looks at other influencers as well who might have brought great traffic from other social sites like Twitter or Google Plus. provides a great way to know exactly who is sharing and on which social networks. Now you know who is worthy of your time and effort to convince them for a share.

Contact the Bloody Influencers Now

Now as we have built a great list of influencers who have promoted similar contents in recent past, with their contact details, their responsiveness and their success in driving traffic to a particular blog, now it is time to approach them with the request to share our link as well.

Actually, there are two different ways to approach them. You can always email them. Here is a template for the email

hi {name of the influencer}

I noticed that you recently shared a post by {the name of the blog he/she shared} on {Facebook/Twitter etc.} about {blog title}.

Here is another blog {name of you your blog} which I have written on that same topic, arguing the points.

Here is the direct link to the blog: {link to your blog}

I felt you might be interested in reading it.

{your name}

If you don’t know their email ids or if you prefer the Twitter, you can send a message via Twitter as well. Here is a sample tweet which you can send.

@histwittername thanks for sharing {link to which he shared}, was really informative. Thanks to this, I wrote something similar here {link to your blog}. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Adjust the word count a bit if you need and send out the tweet. Remember, not every influencer will reply but even if 3 or 4 out of 10 do, you are seeing great success. Just remember, one, just one, of those influencers can easily send hundreds of users to your site with a single tweet or Facebook share. Do NOT undermine the business opportunities which might drop in as you grow a relationship with those influencers.

[Bonus Tip] Grow Your Network

Start to give before you ask for something and this will increase the chance of getting a share as this action is likely to improve the percentage of responses you get. You can get noticed by commenting on their blogs, or have email conversation with them or follow and converse with them on Twitter.

This is not really a blog-specific activity but if you spend a little time every day growing your network, then your professional network will be really strong. You will not even have to ask them to share your content again, they will do it all by themselves. Read more about content marketing tools

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