Convert Your Visitor to Buyers: 3 Top Tips


Marketers create awesome contents, often they do. They should, as well, because content is what brings visitors to a site. Statistics prove it. Same is the principle for paid search or PPC and social media marketing. In marketing, thousands of small and dynamic factors make up our whole strategy. But, the trickiest part of marketing is not to get the visitors to your site from different campaigns but to turn them into buyer. That can only be done when you have a great call to action (CTA) button somewhere, prominently displayed.

Here are 5 tips to turn your visitors into actual customers, whatever business you might be in

Mind Your Language

You should be absolutely clear about what you want them to do. If you want them to download, say Download. If you want them to subscribe, say Subscribe. This principle doesn’t fluctuate. But think ahead. Think of relevant words to your business instead of general words. In case of an ecommerce, use words like shop or order in the CTA. Whatever your business might be, the CTA should have a smell of that.

Also consider what emotion the texts will invoke, exclamation marks or a direct reference to the user by using you. All these can have different psychological effects on your customers.

Make Yourself Available

Google says, 61% mobile searches result in a phone call. This year, mobile searches will overcome desktop searches. So, keep yourself just a call away. Somewhere around the CTA button, make your contact available as 3 out of every 5 customers would place a call to you. Keeping this in mind, many browsers and plugins are coming up so people can place the call without moving from the page.

One Great USP

In this digital age, you are practically competing against the whole world. What is your exact USP? A USP should differentiate your products or services from that of your competitors. Does your CTA convey your USP? Do you give free consultation? Or a bulk order discount? Highlighting your special reason, your USP, in the CTA will impress the user to press that CTA button instantly

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