Build Your Website: Not Your Facebook Page


Where must you focus your energy in marketing? For the last few years, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social media networks remained the top choices. There have been a few new policies lately and they dictate us that it is time to regain the control of the conversation. You see, in Facebook or Twitter, you can NOT control the conversation.

Facebook marketing tactics are changing with changing social media trends.

A recent post of Priceonomics suggests that many organisations have spent huge amount to get traffic for their Facebook pages. The simple modus operandi was, sign up for Facebook as a brand and start your own page. Now make people follow it so when you post something, it will appear on everyone’s profiles.

The method has changed now. Facebook has stopped pushing messages from a page to personal profiles unless it has gained traction within the existing followers. This leads to the fine and funny dilemma of “none will see you unless they see you”. However, Facebook is not inconsiderate; it is looking after its own revenue. Pay to get your initial messages promoted and then if they like it, Facebook will start to send it out organically to the other followers of that page which in turn results in increase in Facebook likes on your page.

Many other brands use newsletters to contact their potential customers and this way the message is uniformly spread all over the community. For example, deals and vouchers are where Facebook is limiting your options under the new policy whereas email serves the purpose perfectly. Moreover, newsletters can have that little extra personal touch where someone can read about the brand in their own leisure time.

We suggest that use the social media properties as your secondary option and use those to drive traffic to other properties where you can influence people directly and to a greater extent, like your site, RSS, landing page or blog. This makes it much more sensible that to promote it on social networks where you just have a landing page and nothing else. You can reduce your dependency on third parties and their numerous policy changes won’t affect you. This way you build a direct relation with your customer and not help the customer to be closer to Facebook. Stop spending on social networks and take direct control of your messages and customer interaction and strengthen your very own online position, independently.

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