Branding History of Indian Ventures


The ‘Cola War’ led to the rise of Brand conscious Indian enterprises and led to the boom of branding agencies in India

Marketing and advertisement is an essential tool for a brand creation and promotion. However in certain cases it has also been the machinery of the warfare of brands. The prolong warfare between two brands is the outcome of the efforts for the existence in the market and captivating the audiences. Although currently there are several brands that had locked their horns with each other to maintain their grip on the market, nothing has been as fierce and brutal as Pepsi and Coke. These two aerated drink companies have been engaged in bull fights in the Indian market for ages. In fact it could be easily stated that, it is these two multinational companies that made other enterprises brand conscious especially in the early days of inception of consumerism in India. This has led to the upshot of branding agencies in India.

The competition between these two conglomerates is unique. Although the products, which looks and taste the same instigates the competition nevertheless one should not miss the fact that they are not contemporaries. Coke is eleven years senior to Pepsi, and coke came in India in the 1970, and ruled the market till 1977. During that duration coke was the only company serving Indian consumer the exotic taste of cola. However these charming phase for Coke was threaten by the repressive policy of Indian government for the MNC. Then it was the year 1990, when Coke ventured the Indian market again, together with Pepsi. As mentioned above that Coke was introduced in US in 1887 and Pepsi came later. So, though, they ventured Indian market together, Pepsi has always been second and has put effort to defeat Coke in its own game. This rat race in between these two branding giants was famously quoted to be the ‘Cola war’. They have wagged wars in all forum be it print media, audio visual media and of course with the inception of digitalization in India, digital media too.

Coke and Pepsi have thus commenced their own “cyber war” which also entrenched the social media platform. These two brands are pioneer who had become the instigator of the rise of brand conscious Indian enterprises and thus the led to the need of branding agencies in India.

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